Proteins (poetry)

I’m always cleaning but the house is never clean
He explained his reason but I don’t know what it means
I keep on dusting but there’s dust thick on the screen
I read his poetry and consume it like proteins 👀

I call to him
Through wind and pen
And like the Tower of Babel
He’s comes crumbling

I’m not allowed to communicate with him in any form
So the moon grows full
And the earth will storm

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

No pressure or whatever but your words give me life

And I know they’re not for me (🤔) but can you please continue to write

My choices: YOU or a surgeon with a knife

You’re a mathematician, BUT WORDS CAN YOU EXPEDITE? 🧐

Yes 🟩 No ⬛️ Maybe 🟥 (pick one)

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