TikTok is a Chinese military communist app

We work hard to make them first for them to throw us scraps
Well I don’t give a fuck anymore
I deleted the app

Thank you for beating me so that I could enjoy more of my free time and not support this fucking insanity

My PS4 is packed up – and ready to be sold at the pawn

My TV is never turned on


*locked and loaded*

*opens door*


Places to find me offline: the firing range ๐Ÿ‘

Places to find me online in the future: OnlyFans (potentially – but not for porn – but definitely nude modeling cuz self-love & cosplay & photography bring me purpose – and I enjoy producing my own content for my blog & not plagiarizing from upsplash or whatever those sites are


But then someone bought me 2 vegan nail polishes from my Amazon wishlist – and that also brings me purpose

There were only 10 left in that color when it was added to my list & now there are only 9

And it’s part of my favorite color of the rainbow

And it is a birthday gift

I’m grateful for the 2 new vegan nail polishes – they don’t have any of the bad poison or chemicals in them – and having pretty nails will boost my self-esteem

Painting my nails is part of my mindfulness practices and my therapist agrees with it

Color is a mood changer – water too – or just introducing a calming element when you are about to take out the entire city

I could hunt the establishment down and go rogue but I’m waiting on my pretty nail polish to arrive instead ๐Ÿคฉ

Thank you of thinking of me for my birthday

It’s been several years since I’ve got to celebrate my birthday since I’ve been fighting this illness and basically since the pandemic started

I’m lucky to be alive and I’m still in recovery

I’m still quarantined and can’t have no fun

Basically photography is the only thing I can focus on and I want to focus on so I’m thinking of getting on onlyfans in the potential future

I need an adult account – not for tacky tasteless content

But to be an adult and post what I want (no porn or self gratification – I want to focus on sensual content and being a female – I like cosplay even tho I’m not very good with the makeup aspects of it)

I was on it once before and made it to the top 20s just doing nude modeling & I was going up against giant creators

I want to focus on just the content I put out – and my tribe I draw – if any. I don’t want to compare my account to other accounts and what they are doing and what I should be doing and how much I should post and how much I should charge and this that and the other. I just wanna focus on putting out good content.

And y’all, supplies aren’t cheap. My time isn’t cheap. But I want my content to be affordable and not compared to what others are doing. They have teams!!!!

OnlyFans keep 20% of profits, on top of tips. The IRS take another 20%. They’re raised the cost of everything cuz they don’t want us earning a penny.

I want to earn a penny and whatever pennies I do earn, I want to put towards my goal of buying land.

So I’m working very hard to get better mentally, spiritually, and physically enough to put out monthly content.

I’m not there yet.

I also have a new care team at the VA.

They basically just keep having me chase my tail until I die but I’m self treating behind the scenes.

The holistic treatments I’m starting next month are over $100 for 2 bottles.

I’m not out here blowing my money on pointless crap.

And I work hard to put out amazing content that keeps TikTok number one and they make a shit ton of money and keep 80% of any of the earnings I get over there but then will just banish me from the fucking platform.

I love being a slave just to earn some scraps and a beating just to be tossed out in the wilderness alone – and they get to keep all my fans and continue on the party like I never existed at all ๐Ÿคฉ

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