The Smart TV (freestyle morning rhyme)

The Smart TV
In the trash
Propaganda machine
Gone in a smash

Glass flying like a limousine
Zero backlash
Fuck quarantine
But I am marching last

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Yesterday I carried the Smart TV to the bin. It’s stupid. The Internet is dead and ran by an algorithm. It should be made 21+. It’s full of propaganda, porn, and predators.

Walmart is selling sex toys in front of children – and online too in the “health” section.

This is not healthy or good. Growing up all my life, that stuff was found in Adult 21+ stores only.

Now I’m exposed to it shopping for essentials. I don’t own any toys. I don’t want to see anal plugs next to Lava Lamps or in the “health” section. Porn has destroyed humanity. FYI. I know you don’t care. 90% of all murders happen by men and since 1970 68% of ALL LIFE has gone extinct.

It’s synthetic everything now. Can’t even find some cotton from my hometown. I feel a stranger in my own land and country I fought for.

It was always the dollar tree, always. That junk was never worth more than pennies. Fucking GAWD. IMMIGRATION

I don’t want any part of toxic America society which has been destroyed by our enemy through globalism and narcissism.

I continue to receive the rainforest in my mailbox to eat at places or to shop at places I will never shop at.

I can’t opt out anywhere from anything. It’s toxic and sick.

They are trying to commit soldiers who are going after 100% disability for mental health through the VA.

I will go all Hannibal Lecter on your ass. I will. God knows. 👀

The suicide rate continues to increase among veterans and military because the OER’s and NCOER’s aren’t matching the Mission statement or what’s going on in the real world

I’m very depressed and suicidal but you’re not gonna lock me into a fucking jail cell because I don’t agree with this dictatorship society and never have

And now when you go out and about there are a bunch of desensitized GenZ and Millennials who only care about instant gratification, quietly quitting, or the LGBT community.

I am quietly quitting society

I’m not gonna sit back and let the enemy commit me for what they’ve done to me

I’m leaving here soon

This identity

It’s all gone

Back to reading books (I still have yours with ripped out pages and I’m still speaking to ghosts)

They want to commit us…

The rubberband is gonna pop

They keep pushing us and FYI we busted our ass more than any generation alive – with nothing but scar wounds to show for it – and they want to commit us – instead of paying us compensation.

It’s sick what the enemy is getting away with because the Millennials are so emancipated

I’m trapped like John Jones only I currently got a toilet which is now under BlackRock ownership

There’s no rent control out here

They are gutting us from the inside with policies that do not fit America

Joining an app or signing up for an account just means they are going to sell your private personal data and you can never fully leave





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