Half (poetry)

Would you still love me
If I broke in half?
And would you still want me
If I came in last?

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Sitting at the VA writing him rhyme ✍️

When I was age 10, I had a dream about a blonde haired, blue-eyed boy from Maine or Maryland, and he was driving down a long road on a motorcycle.

I knew he was the one from my dream when we met in my 20s briefly

Even if I lose all my teeth, I’m still gonna wanna suck his fucking cock…


John was willing to be broken in half to carry on with his life

I know I’m just a dying fantasy

Clinging to hope

He’s young and has the world

I keep having visions of hanging from a tree and him finding me 😑

John would’ve kept crawling if he could…

“I’m not where I thought I was”

“I thought it was going to open up”

“Why did you put me here”

On a positive note, it’s warm today. Hot warm.

I called the skate park. I don’t need safety equipment.

I’m in good spirits despite no self-worth

Whatever you do, don’t get the vaccine or flu shot

Don’t do it…

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