Demons (poetry)

He’s got demons on his back
An angel full on attack
In an order of the fallen
His heart is black
But I bet –
He can hear me calling!

I know where success recedes
I hope God notices my little deeds
Despite making mistakes in excessive speeds
Crawling headfirst to sacred needs
I know where hatred breeds
How repentance precedes

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

Free speech below 🛑⚠️🛑

It should be illegal to sell our data or spam us at our private home address.

The rain forest is being turned into a McDonald’s coupon

I’ve always felt uneasy wiping my ass with a tree

Since age 5 or something


We’re turning earth into mars

Remember the great dust bowl? Here on earth

Keep chopping down the trees…

Earth will turn into a dead planet

“Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct”

Don’t shoot me if I wind up in your yard

Naked out of my mind….

Don’t have me committed

Don’t do anything

Just pretend I don’t exist like you do now

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