China drops one-child policy

Lavishing attention on an only child takes its toll on parents.
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China is the biggest political fuck up power in the world 🛑🥴⚠️🫣👀🛑

And they took over America 🇺🇸

Constantly telling us what we can and cannot do

Crippling a nation with divorce, disease, depression!

I don’t fucking trust you if you’re in a position of power or brown-nosing these ridiculous policies.

And I think a lot of Americans are ready for the big immigration push back.

Too much conflict of interest – everything benefiting other nations (who took throne here).

Check the migration stats, jobs, and census. Do you have reading comprehension though?

This is 2023 (not really – it’s a manmade calendar and they took away a month! April fools! The gaslighting in this society never ends.)

Always got us chasing our tail!!!! 

It’s 7 years behind in Ethiopia

I wasn’t learning about that in school when they were teaching about “time zones”

I hated every moment of school and working 90 hours a week (2-3 jobs) to pay my electric and rent

I keep hoping to have hope – that my future includes a real bond with a man, as God intended. A pure love where he isn’t giving his best energy and time to other women.

But, even if a man is going through a Great Awakening, when he settles down, he’ll go for the young one.

I’m obsolete

Thank you for pushing me into the extinction zone

“Men can have babies”

Have fun with that

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