Mess (poetry & free speech)

I don’t like showing him pictures
When I know he’s into perfection
And I’m leaning a different direction
Part of his daily “mess” collection!?!

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

I suppose when they’re paying for it, in their mind, they believe they’re getting top-tier sex, huh?

File me under Dante’s 7th level

You should have a file system like Inception – 9 levels deep (put me level 7)

Lucky number 7

Not first, not last. Made top ten.

Maybe with a ⭐️ on the file folder


“The chosen one”

Oddly enough my lifeline was 7 – I’ve done this seven times!?!

I’m on 7 now

The Matrix twas 6 times

If love is the anomaly, and they all think they love the fucking fake porn stars, and the prostitutes… uggggg

My grandmother stated “you must have a tapeworm”

She wasn’t far off potentially

My horoscope read age 15: “leo’s suffer from feet and heart issues”

My best friend before she died of suicide age 13, “something bad will happen to the world in 2003” – she was distraught – it was 1993

She didn’t live long enough to see her prediction come true

We went to war in 2003, I was part of the initial push into Baghdad, as a combat medic during the start of the war (she was long dead but it still fucks with me)

She literally came to school freaking out saying that she had a bad dream and that “something bad was going to happen in the year 2003, but she didn’t know what”

She died by suicide maybe a month later

She was 13…

Several years later her mother also died by suicide and they are buried next to one another. Their bones got a coffin! ❤️

A coffin plus one of those metal boxes that goes over the coffin…

Her bones have a home for now… ❤️

The point tho – predictions coming true


I crawled into them!?!?

Someone up there is looking out for me!?!

I think it’s possible I might actually be locked in a computer against my will somewhere

The government took my DNA, blood, hair, signature, pledges and swears before the flag, like I was sold an idea about the US and that training imprinted on me 🙂

Just like porn imprinted on you

I’m trying to stay alive – get fit enough – to go down in battle

Total warrior

Like I’m still a Soldier who holds rank

They may have changed the uniforms, but I was never stripped of mine

I know the enemy wants me and my comrades dead

I’ve already lost family and friends

And I don’t know how responsible I am for my other family members who never even listen to me because they’re so fucking demented and toxic

My sister is dead, age 45

My fucking parents are still alive – and I’m growing resentful and weary of it

Agent Smith didn’t like the stench of humanity and I feel the same of narcissists 

Every state should make sex offenders, lifelong. I wanna know who my fucking neighbors are.

And pedophiles say that they were born that way, they swear they were fucking born that way, so they can’t change, so it’s not like they’re going to be different in five or six years or 10 or 15 or 25, that’s just long enough for them to start fucking your grandchildren

They will have the best relationship with their own children just so they can fuck their grandchildren, and there are studies out there of this, it’s not hearsay

I also have a degree in psychology, so I study human nature

I swear pretty bird has started saying “thank u” instead of “pretty bird” lately – and normally soon after I’ve tossed out seeds n’ nuts

I swear it

“Thank u thank u thank u”

I don’t care about these abandoned cats tho – not natural to the environment – made in a fucking lab – carry disease – and are terrorizing the wildlife here

I will fuck a motherfucker up

And it’s extremely hard being an angel because I don’t know what I’m allowed to hurt, and what I’m allowed to not hurt

Fuck that demented cat, but it shouldn’t be my karma to call the pound on him

He didn’t even eat the tuna I put out

What a fat kunt

I like lions but hate “man’s best lab friend”

So the American Asians identify as a Chinese American, and probably wish to drop Americans all together once they fully take over our country – they value “Chinese culture” and are pushing their way of life on us here

I don’t recognize my own country

I come from a generation where we had to page people to communicate or go to their fucking door, and I’m kinda ready to go back to that sort of lifestyle…

I sold my TV

I don’t even want a smart phone

I want sex toys behind a black curtain because I don’t want to see it and I’m a fucking adult

I need food

But I stopped going to the grocery store buying anything and I’m trying to eat what I have in my house

When was it acceptable to blow your horn in the parking lot for someone to come down?

What is this trend of people turning their fucking cars off at the red light?

I’m done with society

They want a 15% tip for ringing you up and they can’t even get your order right or smile

I don’t want to do any of this anymore

If I wanted to live in Asia I’d fucking move there

I do not have yellow fever

And I will never support another Asian franchise in America ever again or buy anything from China, India, or Mexico

“You’re racist”

Correction: I’m homicidal

If you’re gonna accuse me of something, make sure you get it right

Homicidal is the new suicidal and we don’t fucking talk about it these days 🙂

Happy to help

Remember heal and save

Sharpen your blades (they will invade at night, at rest, they will not follow GENEVA)

I’d really like to show God what sort of warrior I am and it’s not getting gutted it in the street

And this is like minority report now, they will fucking commit you for saying something

I’m still on the good side of god (I fight and live for God) – this establishment worldwide needs to END and be dismantled and destroyed

The entire reason they do these wars is just so they can have their fucking prostitutes in different countries…

It’s mostly military and white men apparently (according to studies)

An entire nation lost

They are also making the animals suffer and it has to stop

What the fuck are they doing to these gators at the amusement parks? Selling teeth? I have some. As a reminder – of how fucked up immigration ruined my country – turning everything into a Sims theme park – creating depression – addiction – addicts – monsters – lost souls

The doctors and nurses are criminals

I still have my medical background that the enemy didn’t account for

“No one will listen to her”

“Censor her”

Me: sells TV, stops supporting society

And I spend time in the sun now without sunblock, and I don’t get burned

I absolutely can be taken down by the elements very quickly though, the cold, the heat, I have a heart condition

Thanks to the government and my gullibility

RIP John Jones

P.S. your rugs are dirty

2 responses to “Mess (poetry & free speech)”

  1. I’m glad I stopped long enough to get a short poem out and I’ll have to do it again soon! xx

    Been crying mostly 😪


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