Too Heavy (poetry)

Forgive me
Of these sins I carry
Lost in hell

Check my itinerary
Turning left with Mary
Uphill cemetery
No cross too heavy

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal


Decade at this and Poe died on the street.

Looking back – leaving the Devil in the dust – picking up my run.

Put away my gun.

Eyes focused. Sun.

I’ve been unable to delete my Playstation account – via phone or web. Infinite loop.

Called the New York times today and bit a hole in their asshole. Data deletion kind of pending. Gotta jump through hoops.

I’m aside myself.

At Starbucks, in public, I saw a Mexican grooming a young white female.

The way she clung to her drink – her straw – not making eye contact with him.

The things I overheard.

The way he puckered his lip.

How I just stood there – like a fawn -idling in my car – until she looked at me – saw my distress – and I pulled off left her there, in her pigtails and little dress – ordered my coffee appallingly – swore off society again – spent all day having issues controlling my breathing or my heart – like a unending panic attack – I threw away everything in my closet – swearing off anything sexy – and men likely forever – drowning in sorrow like a little bitch – remembering scenes at MacDonalds as a young girl I’d rather not recall

Knowing calling the cops with suspicion and hearsay is futile – knowing the propaganda they serve

I’ve gone insane

But then today

Sitting in my car

Pondering to keep an extra calendar I acquired or not – deciding that someone in fact may still need one – it being February 2nd and all – someone may have decided they need a calendar after all.

Not even 20 minutes later – awaiting my appointment – someone at the counter – “you don’t have anymore calendars do you?”

They did not…

I spoke up – “oddly enough God told me someone might need one, and I dropped one off at the front where the coffee normally is”

He promptly went and scored his new calendar, came back with it proudly.

He was still looking over it as I was leaving my appointment, like a half hour later.


He probably won’t ever throw that calendar away.

Meanwhile, I’ve got monsters breaking me freeing me from a curse

I don’t have time to finish this conversation because I have a physical therapy appointment to attend.

I’m doing things.

Got my 20 minute rebound session in.

The peach is looking rather rump.

Round rump.

The abs are solid hard core

To be homeless or not be homeless

That is the question?

Answers are coming


I can’t help the people I love.

I can’t stop giving.

I know things before they happen.

Little things.

Like someone needing a calendar.

WTF is that!?!

What have they done to me?

What powers do I possess?

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