Dear God

*need land and a husband*

*please heal me*

2 month supply of detox arrived!

I am my own healthcare practitioner

Found the stuff without the bad junk

No sugar junk

And this came in a glass bottle, the big ticket items

Fighting for my life

Tell God I don’t want to die

*Quarantined not scared*

*selfless service*


It wasn’t worth jumping into the trench

Got my free speech stolen too

*wakey wakey*

111 pounds currently and have detoxed and rebound around 30-50 pounds of the Devil

The vaccine nearly wiped me out

Finally getting rays of my lungs this week – they wanna put me under – no no no

No no no no no no

*takes raw shot of ginger*

*sweats for 2 minutes*

*nearly dies*

X 8 days in a row of 30 days ginger raw shots


*mouth burns*

*face blushes*

*goes through purification process to find husband*

Him: “what’s yer number count”

Me: *ghosts him*

I’m practically a nun and the reason you see a prostitute

You left me fucking behind

“No child left behind” came out after I was left behind

Uhm hello!!!!!!


So, I wanna write poems with different words that sound the same

I don’t recall the lesson here

Same words but different

I wanna start writing code into my poetry like EAP

I did it one time – I don’t regret it at all – though humiliated and crucified

I sweat out years of fast food


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