OnlyFans pt 3

3rd times a charm?

I’m likely starting the process soon to create a page

I need a hideout

I haven’t moved yet so there isn’t anything fancy to look at

I don’t need your money

I just need to start over everywhere

Edgar died naked for a reason, he was suffocating

You ever seen that movie with what’s-his-face and he was Buried Alive

That’s what TikTok feels like

And me giving him all the wrong clues that he winds up at a different grave

I don’t wanna wind up so stuck he can’t reach me

I’ve examined many ways to die and John Jones still ranks as WORSE

I’m obsessed with ways people die

I’m seeing patterns too

There’s always a “second” involved

“He went back in for a swim”

“They went down for another dive”

“Decided for a harder section after completing an easy one”

“Two rides said no”

“He stayed for a second day”

“He changed his plans”

“They went back in”

Poor Jacob and the Whirlpool, he went back in, back down again, a wee bit further

But the drain was draining and getting stronger (like a bathroom tub draining)

I counted several warnings by Mr. Death himself

I get called ominous for delivering love poems via internets while dying – (it happened one time chill) (humiliation favorite overkill)

But Jacob wasn’t ominous for swimming in a black hole?

His friend edged him on

“I don’t know what else I can do aside from die”


*hops back in*

*goes deeper*

They found him at the other end of the drain

Oh… and then that guy that went down the deepest part of the ocean, the Trench

Not even fully qualified

I had no idea that the ocean could “push you down” at “incredible speeds”

I wouldn’t have stopped falling, I would have just kept going huh…

Newsflash: we can’t leave earth

We’re grounded to earth


The sun is electrical

Positive / negative charge

We’re static electricity buzzing

Hair standing on head (it needs the blm lube for “all hair types” that the blm hog in the blm section)

My page will probably be free or ridiculously cheap membership to keep away the kidnappers

I mean, I wanna post some nudes

I’m still working out while dying and 111 pounds despite everything

And now I wanna quit all meat but chicken

I like eggs and sometimes I wanna eat a chicken

I know, but the heart likes beef and chicken a lot

For ethical and moral reasons try to leave most creatures alone

Someone harassed me and I got penalized for it

Makes absolute total sense

“Money won’t buy happiness” it’s true but I’ll be a whole less stressed out in the country where no one can find me

“Do not enter property without secret code or homemade pie”

Him: “I’ve never eaten a homemade biscuit before”

Memaw: “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly”

Me: “you need a proper biscuit with real maple syrup”

I myself haven’t had one since the 1800s but once I get moved from this dumpster

And I got another rent increase incoming

The appliances are also from the 1700s and my electric company knows my shit ain’t updated and I’m being penalized

“This is a man’s world”

Well I don’t want any part in it

Can you come help til the garden tho?

I gotta get a fence up


Some sort of place to shit

I need land and a realtor I can trust!

I’m injured!

“I think I’m dumb” but not dumb enough to get married to the banks

Can’t have more than 9k on you or the cops will seize it even with proof it’s yours

The government will come steal your gold too

They didn’t cash their silver coin bonds “backed by the good faith of the Chinese government”

“Made in China”

Who owns the majority of bonds

But we needn’t worry

Every new label, every new change, Big China buying America

I got to go

Too far down the rabbit hole

Weed gone

(Half jar remaining and low thc compared to vape pens)

(Been out for days)

(Haven’t renewed card)


Need some TLC on OF after the TikTok beating

I’d like to post workout videos and peach shots and nudes

Sue me

(Give me the dopamine boost as God intended, thank you)

(Otherwise, you know the fate of Poe?)

(And the ominous is in the blood)

(I might be Cleopatra)

I might be all things

All or none

I was nestled with God in the Great Void

“This is where you find some quiet, huh”

Gonna be fighting for my life until the end (it was stolen)

(Cry so much)

I’m facing future days of not bleeding between my legs and it feels like the end of everything I ever dreamed of

The women who got rid of their ability to have children and “love it” – nihilists

But you don’t look at me the way Squirrel does

I don’t know anything about life at all

Man has failed his part with me (thus far)

It’s like I’m being punished for his sins

But God has answered many prayers in one sweep

I need to find my way

To 1-5 acres

Once I have land, I’ll worry about other thangs

Land = ark

And I have seeds to plant!

I want trees growing until 1000 years of age!

Get off my land!

Unless you got pie?

Or a nut tree to plant


You brought me a chicken! Not to eat! *heart eyes*

Coyote gets fed chicken eggs too! He ain’t getting shot!

Give him a dog house far off!

Figure it out!

I need a pond!


If I get enough followers – I can go live so will probably do the free thing and just ppv certain booty post ridiculously cheap?

But livestream workouts and walkabouts

Park adventures

Maybe land buying

“I’m dumb and boring”

But guys are hollering for my attention at my apt complex now that I’m dressing cute and less bum

He wanted me to know Squirrel crawled on him

Ok fool

But do you feed his entire family pistachios and sunflower seeds and cashews and all the top seeds and nuts

Are you gonna build squirrel a paradise?

They swing from the trees like monkeys!!!

Got another neighbor from NZ who don’t have squirrels at all

New Z doesn’t have squirrels I’m told

I’m like “none at all!?!”

No flying squirrels huh

Not moving there…

*crosses New Zealand off the potential move list*

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Montana? Utah? Nothing grows in Maine?

I don’t have an address in hell or online anymore


I scored this and I hope it fits. I’ve started ordering xs since small is big on me. Tiny petite thang

It’s 100% cotton too!!! I ordered a small!

They still are running a flash sale entire store!

My phone is broken and outdated

I may go back to regular photography

With a real camera

I hate WP

I miss OF

The short set:

Tea & Secrets

I want that to be in my page name lol

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