Dear Bloggers, Please Read

Many of you are excellent writers, and I wanted to recommend Blurb, a self-publishing company that is among the best out there. You may not get rich by self-publishing (some authors have, like Stephanie Meyers) but you will have a sense of accomplishment and pride that will flourish for your written gems. And the best thing is, you’ll keep 100% of your rights 100% of the time and you will have control over your book 100% of the time! They offer insanely great discounts to buy multiple copies of your own book as well (so you can sell them at full price wherever you go/travel)!!! The neat thing is, your book will get its own page on the Blurb website so people can buy your book, and you will also be able to create discounts for holidays and stuff (if you want). I have researched MANY self-publishing sites, and this one is among the best. I published with Xlibris over a decade ago, but had I known of Blurb, I would have published with them. In fact, when the time comes for me to do book number two, I will be using Blurb. It’s not about fame or money, it’s about securing a spot for your writings for when you are long gone. IT IS YOUR LEGACY. In two hundred years, people aren’t going to care if you self-published, and who knows, it may be your poetry that they are studying in schools in the future. Just a reminder that Edgar Allan Poe died broke and unknown, he did not become famous until after his death. Sadly this is the life of most poets. BUT, YOU ARE STILL WORTHY OF YOUR OWN BOOK. IT’S NOT EXPENSIVE TO DO THROUGH BLURB!!! If you’ve ever considered publishing, go explore the website. I know there’s a growing trend of bloggers creating their own publishing company and other bloggers submitting works, BUT there is another route. Stand out from the crowd, by offering your own book. I just wanted to share the know. Personally, I don’t like giving over my rights to my own writings to anyone (especially to just another blogger, I don’t care if they are God). Nuff said. Let me know if you decide to publish, drop your book link here when you do. I am not associated or affiliated with Blurb in any way, I am just sharing the know. Knowledge is power, I thirst for it.


Also, since I have published a book, I do know a little bit about self-publishing so… this book is expensive, I know. It’s a coffee table book and it’s full color, with front and back cover. I don’t expect you to buy it. When I make book number 2, it’s going to be small and black and white. Hence cheaper. But if you want something fancy for your coffee tables, I recommend the hardback it’s gorgeous. You can find my softback on Amazon for a bit cheaper (especially if you catch a sale). I took my book off the market but decided to make it available again in 2017 (hence the 2017 date, that’s not actually when I published it originally). Anyway, if you have any questions about self-publishing, I’m your gal. I know a few tidbits. 😃


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  1. YOU SHOULD. From recollection, I only ever needed to buy one book for them to send it to me so I could approve it to be sold. With Xlibris, I spent over $1000 to self-publish! Blurb is phenomenal!


  2. Thanks for the tip.
    Now that I just published my first poetry book, on amazon, this new avenue seems like a great way to sell, as you said is not going to pay my rent but it is quite fufilling when they buy it. You do get a sense of accomplishment after putting in the work.
    You said something that I had to smile when I read it. To buy your own books and then sell it yourself. That was my idea, I ordered 10 of my books in amazon so I can later go in this Spanish town but there are a lot of visitors from the U.S, U.K, from everywhere really, so what I’m going to do is literally get my backpack, dress well, and go to the little bookstores here, and even go where the tourist are, engage them and try to sell the freaking book.

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  3. Awesome! If you order “author copies” Blurb will give you a sweet cut!!! I just really prefer this platform over all the others. I should have shared this sooner! My best friend is from Liverpool but she’s currently living in Spain so I know all about the touristy stuff. Good lucks!


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    Re-sharing this tidbit for anyone considering publishing (and it’s best to avoid the pyramid schemes from other bloggers acting as publishing companies when they’re not)… Blurb is the best platform to publish, and you retain complete control over your writings, 100% all the time!


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