His name slips from my tongue
Making me warm
Etched forever in my heart
A tattoo on my soul

The need like oxygen
My mind racing to trace every line of his existence
There in another galaxy
In every possibility
Give it to me
My spirit circles your trinity
Take me to infinity
On your pages
From your tongue
In any manner you can think of
Life before had never begun

My fantasies are reality
That’s why I feel the need
You exist in me
I don’t need eyes to see
You clearly

So every idea is living too
Every thought there’s more than two
In this realm or the next
On planet Earth you are still the best

I send them far and I send them wide
These dreams keep me occupied
Wow, we live so many lives
In some I am your wife
In others you have died
There are realms of goodbye
They always make me cry
Because you are alive
And I need you by my side
Or at least without a divide

Close my eyes, dream of you
Lost in the twilight of your blue
Take my hand, see me true
Understand my heart too

There you are seeing me
And it comes so easily
Taste your lips, I feel free
Trace your heart with my energy

Fertile hands, seeds of love
I give you everything from above

Look at all this space to soar
Free your mind, feel me more
Open every single door
I never felt this much before

Vulnerability is every asteroid
But still life forms from what’s destroyed

You teach me everything
You are higher than a king
You are the very existence of my being

© Delia Ross. 2019

I am going to attempt spoken word freestyle soon, and drop it on Tuners.

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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