Song 999

It’s the devil’s curse
It’s everywhere
It’s worse
It’s there
It’s the devil’s curse
It’s her
She’s everywhere he’s there
Anywhere that he’s there
And her
With the devil’s curse
It’s her she’s everywhere
I don’t care
I don’t care that he’s worse
I can feel him stare
Anywhere she’s there
It’s the devil’s curse
And it’s in his verse
Written in her verse
In blood, the devil’s curse
Signed and written in verse
We’re damned and it will get worse
Tethered to this curse, all of us

© Delia Ross. 2019

A song that formed in my head while I was trying to vacuum (it’s more like a chorus that goes on and on, ethereal, slow, gothy like). Now back to cleaning… (by the way, it feels like spring in Florida in case it’s snowing where you’re at…. neener neener neener- got my window open too- letting light through)

And it’s written in this verse / and it’s getting worse

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