I can taste the sea in his poetry
His words leave imprints in the sand
Watch how the lines form
Scribbles of time
Narrow and wide
Just like the tide

He’s gentle and foamy
And when I lick my lips I taste his salt
I want to live on his beaches
A deserter
A far away castaway

At night his words whip across my dunes
Polishing my shell
I’m under his swell
He rides me so well

His eyes open like a sunset
And there the skies are blue
How wonderful too

He’s calling like a whale
His song travels light-years

Under wonder I dwell

He’s pulling back from the current
When his words are rough

I spiral through chaos
Go with the flow
Where else can I go?
Deeper you know

I can’t swim his undertow
Let him take me

Washed ashore
Crawling for mercy
Crawling for more

© Delia Ross. 2020

Photo by @poeeternal

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