A Million Sunsets + My Love

There are a million sunsets in his eyes
He has the deepest blue in his skies
He’s got the mark of love well-disguised
He has a tongue that leaves me mesmerized

He’s like a vehicle for spiritual ascension
Or my absolute end, did I ever mention?
And when our tether is broken there is so much tension
And I swear our love reaches another dimension

He’s the reason my heart keeps beating on
And my pen will never write him a Dear John
Nor when I hide am I ever gone
When I see his face I am seeing dawn

© Delia Ross. 2020

It’s the end of the world and love is the only thing I’ll willingly die for…

P.S. I love you

Sunday chills
Like, I still love you after all these years
I mean like, we’re in hell/purgatory, how long has it been? My love for you?
I’ve been loving you nearly as long as I’ve been growing my hair out…
And I can barely fit it all in the picture. My hair and my love.
You’re all I’m thinking of. 24/7. I need you.
Everything’s for you, isn’t it?

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