When his eyes are wearing me
Can feel his darkness glaring
And from the dark I finally see
Who I am and want to be

Feel the darkness closing in
Crawling underneath my skin
Where I’m at is where he’s been
Where my light will now begin

© Delia Ross. 2020

I propose love’s not a theory. But the person I’m growing into is because of him. My light shines because of him. My dark knight.

I love the wonderful feedback about my poetry, that’s why I’m now on Patreon which is an excellent platform for writers and artist. Can you help me reach my goal?

Quarantine day # I forgot. Isolation wearing me down. And these boring ass snapchat filters. Planning a field trip to the grocery store soon. How exciting. I can get pictures of the shopping aisles. Woo hoo.

8 thoughts on “Nyctophiliac

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  1. Same to you! Been writing like a mad hatter. And I’m the only person in Florida practicing social distancing and wearing a mask and gloves. So I creep everybody out. Good. But quarantine sucks and is starting to get to me. I miss the beaches and parks. My dog is getting fat and so am I. And I avoid outside like it’s the plague here with all these little kids and people running around unmasked and on top of one another. Apartment living. *sigh*

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  2. Yeah, it makes the zombie apocalypse even more realistic about how quickly people would turn you know… and the CDC even have info about zombies on their website and what to do in the event. They even have teaching materials for teachers. Which, I still want to print them out and put them in my bathrooms, little CDC zombie flyers….

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