A Special Video Message Regarding Depression & Mental Health Awareness + thanks

Hey y’all! Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday special yesterday!! If you left love on my socials or watched me on Twitch, double thank you! I’ll be going live again soon! 😍

Yesterday, Joy for Jan, a depression awareness group, ran by two ladies who lost their mother by suicide, also published a special video message I recorded for them, on their Instagram TV/ IGTV. It’s a little over 10 minutes long and talks about the misconception that you can just “snap out of depression”. Most of us have been guilty of thinking this or asking this of others. “Hey come on, cheer up, what do you have to be sad about?”. Well that’s the thing, there’s plenty to be sad about but it doesn’t require an event to make you depressed. Everything can be going great in your life and you or someone you know can still get depression.

Check out the special video message I made for them and check out their website and socials. If you prefer, they published the video on their Facebook page too. You can view that here.

They are an excellent support group for mental health awareness.

Follow them, listen to others, spread the word. Let’s help change the misconceptions regarding depression and mental illness.

We all know someone who is suffering from depression, or we’ve lost someone to suicide, or we suffer from depression ourselves.

You’re not crazy, you’re ill. That’s why it’s called a mental illness.

And often it takes rigorous response to treat depression. Depression is and can be TERMINAL.

The suicide rate continues to rise worldwide, not just among military and Veterans, but civilians as well. Have some compassion for yourself and for others.

Practice the art of forgiveness.

Sending light and love to those suffering from mental illness and to those who have lost someone to mental illness.


Full links:

Special IGTV video message: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEFiBIbjecz/?igshid=duiz2hc2gk8z

JoyforJan on the web: https://www.facebook.com/226987451120353/posts/925654627920295

My official Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/poeeternal

Special IGTV video message

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9 thoughts on “A Special Video Message Regarding Depression & Mental Health Awareness + thanks

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  1. I’ve been depressed enough to post numerous dates on my calendar, scheduling when I’ll die.

    I had/have a love, you see. She was, and still is, everything to me. I look back, and I cannot go back. There was a line. I crossed it. I fell into her embrace. I disallow myself from going back, because that line has disappeared.

    So… I fight. She fights with me, to repair things. She shares the same motivation.

    At times, things did fracture, things did break. I wanted to die, because I cannot imagine my life without her. I do not shy away from guilt, nor shame. It builds me. It makes me better. I see my mistakes, I see my flaws, and I go to cure them. I do not want anything else, so close to me like her, to be damaged.

    Love is a feeling of completion. A designation of your spot in the world, not ever chosen, though stumbled into. A love is found, in the darkness. In the depression, love is the reminder. We are not alone when we have that light.

    The one thing I’ve learned from all my woes, is that to “over-complicate” an issue, is never good. Why look at your problem, treat it as a science, if not to fully live on the edge? Is that a thrill?

    To me, simplification is best. It shows we do not need to cause more damage, than has already been dealt upon us.

    People say, “Don’t trivialize my problem!” Then, I respond to that with, “Do you want your problem to be seen as major and uncontrolled? Why must it be as big as you see it?”

    Perhaps it is that people, with their egos, like to complicate their faults, rather than make them small.

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  2. Thank you for your insight and input. I have never known a deep love nor been a recipient to it. Perhaps it is why I struggle with depression and suicide. I stay isolated these days because I don’t want any more emotional or physical abuse and it seems to be the only thing mankind is capable of with me. So I walk alone for the most part. Thanks for sharing your struggles.

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