Original Poetry Reels!

Stepping my game up poetically but I broke a set of fangs yesterday doing so yet I still managed to not have a complete meltdown and jump off a fucking bridge before I got the poem recited for you. I’m down a set of fangs now (might jump a bridge still wahhhhhh).

Link to reel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CGgDxW9FJmv/?igshid=2dj9xswjmn1p

If you prefer, you can just search Instagram for my profile, I’m under my pen name POEETERNAL.

I made a new poetry reel!! Freestyle wrote the poem then decided to perform it for you from my little home studio!! It won’t go viral or get many likes but I’m proud of the poem I wrote! Some of them become my word pets I guess (favorites). I’m a living, breathing rhyme. I’m still alive. πŸ™‚

This reel has been out 10 hours and it’s already racking up the views (compared to my previous reels).

I don’t put all my faith into these algorithms.

First of all, it’s insanely hard to just speak in a set of fangs but then try performing in a set! It ain’t easy!

Made it to 42 without a single fucking grey hair. Adding that to my resume.

What’s yer secret to youth? Don’t get married.

*insert crazy laugh*

All I really want is my guitar and you.

I gots to go. More crying to do. Festering. But in between the crying and the dying, I’m rhyming. Not lying…

I call myself a poet because I practice the art of poetry. I don’t need anyone else to tell me who I am, when pen and blood are one.

Practice run. No fangs. Memorization and recital. I have a brain injury so sometimes just speaking easy words is hard. I don’t really feel like just sitting in front of a camera and reading to you from my monitor like I’m void of life. A for effort? A+ because I broke the bar? A little heart sticker from the teacher too??? 100s all across the board. Yay!!! (watches post get 2 likes and always picked last in school. I’m still your parents favorite and the teachers pet)
I call myself a poet because I practice the art of poetry. I don’t need anyone else to tell me who I am, when pen and blood are one.
Money doesn’t make you rich. You got the devil’s itch. You’re full of it.

I know why Edgar Allan Poe died in the street, I know why Einstein quit school, I know why Jim Morrison quit college & disappeared from the world. I’m know why I’m about to quit life. πŸ™‚

*dies some weird mysterious heartbroken death in the fucking street*

Bloopers. Started with the wrong line. πŸ™‚

*insert crazy laugh*

WATCH MY NEW REEL HERE: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CGgDxW9FJmv/?igshid=7l2x0ksipn77

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