The Lie

The lie it grew and grew and grew
I knew
I fell from heaven on the truth
Got stuck like glue
On every lie because of you
Oh, it hurts so much too
From empty bottle to fully blue
Hell mistook me for a fool

Your prayer dropped a clue
You envy youth
Now away it flew
Leaving you with tooth
How they accrue
Still every mask I cut through
It’s time I withdrew

© Delia Ross. 2020

Spent the night soiling the earth with tears begging the almighty to let me see what I need so I could be free. Didn’t understand the lesson that be. Crying to God, you can lead a demon to holy water, but you cannot make him drink!!!

Nearly drowning from all that makes me bleed. Suffocating on the very air that we breathe. He gave me new eyes to see. Your soul is empty. God cut me free (now whose lying).

The truth hurts worse than the lie
Telling lies to myself. That’s not you. It’s someone else. It’s his brother. I’m crazy! Seeing what I wanna! I seem to like you no matter who you are. Which makes me not like you very much!! 😭😰😭
I wish I could believe my own lie when I say I don’t love you.
The truth hurts worse than the lie.
Oh, God forgive me! I still love you, I do! 💔
Cursed like Mina Tepes to always love you. 💔

Sidenote: I’ve been in some sort of weird rhyme scheme where I limit my vocabulary even more than I normally do when rhyming. I don’t rhyme just to rhyme, that’s where people fall flat. There’s probably a name for what I’m doing but brain damage. Losing my mind. I see way more than I want to see with my third eye and I’ve never been so fucking depressed or lonely in my life and it’s not that I don’t like my own company because I do – that’s why I’m isolated. I’m growing ever more suicidal and out of fucks to give. But doing the rhyme scheme like I did above, that shit is hard, yo.

I was also at a place where I was worried about using the same words that I had already used before and then I decided to just let that go.

I’ll probably be jumping off the Eiffel fucking Tower reciting some last words you know. Eh. CR CR CRAZZZY out of fucks to give.

Words are the only thing left holding me together.

Oh, you thought that was just a line?

The only thing I’m staying alive for at this point is the Matrix 4. And maybe another hug from Gavin Rossdale cuz he’s like my fountain of youth. I sniffed his neck once, I’m so fucking weird!!!! I think I wanted a bite 😩

I’m sure he’d like that but not while he’s singing to thousands of people!

Then again, this is me. I could get away with murder just with my smile. 😊

I am 1000% insane crazy because I’m literally in love with dracul even tho he’s a fucking monster. Rip my fucking heart out. At least Mina got laid!!!!! She died by suicide, FYI!!!

SHE WAS REAL!!!! *laughs insanely*

Dracul is still very much feared in his land. I wanted to get married in Transylvania or there about.

Love isn’t real, is it? You never really loved me.

*dives off tower*

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