I took to you like cotton
With heart-shaped leaves growing in the sunlight
Softly floating over your daydreams
Passing you by in a warm summer breeze

I gave you hope like fiber spun
Kept the moon aglow
Even after all you’ve done
I let the love still flow

I took to you like electrostatic
Blue lightning in my wing
Racing across your ever clear eyes
The way mountains pierce the top of skies (to see what you have seen)

I gave you melancholy shaped pillows
In everfields growing green
Vivid color for your rainbow
To keep you feeling lean
Kept your secrets in stow

© Delia Ross. 2021 /@poeeternal

Little side fact: I was born in the cotton capital of the world! Good ole Greenwood, Mississippi. I am a southern belle. 😚

This poem is kind of all over the place but I just needed to write something after the last 48 hours I’ve had. Phew.

Still love the dude. Welp.

I would apologize for having a meltdown today but like enemies…

I may likely have another meltdown or 3 but hey it’s better than dying on the street like Poe!!

But also, the story of Romeo and Juliet was not filled with roses. It was filled with poison. Love is dirty.

My Dollskill dress arrived in this cute packaging today. And yeps. 👍

Thanks for sticking around!

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8 thoughts on “Cotton

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  1. Thank you so very much! I was torn between writing a non rhyme and a rhyme so it kind of just developed as both. My enemies becoming my teacher. LOL

    Thank you for liking this piece and for following!

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  2. I have to say, while I enjoy your poetry, I hope you will share more of your free verse. You seem partial to rhyming poetry, and you’re very good at it, but I think you’re better at free verse than perhaps you realize.

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  3. I’ve specialized in rhyme and lyric as a child and teen, young adult, and everything in between. I used it as a form of escape from all the abuse I sustained. I still use it as a coping mechanism and it’s almost like breathing for me now. But I have a passion for it, it’s a passion, and I love doing it. But my career and other life duties kept me away from the things I love for so long. I will likely be writing a rhyme taking my last breath. Or thinking one and wishing I had thought it sooner. I have different methods for writing song lyrics, journals, short stories, speeches, ect. When writing a non rhyme, I pull it from some very deep place in me. I need to be in a certain mindset and environment. Whereas, I can write rhyming poetry while I’m on the toilet, taking a shower, driving, sleeping, cooking, like I’m always rhyming. I get onto myself for doing it too much. I demand to take breaks from it. And then I go like a day and feel like I’m dying. I love writing the non rymes, it’s just not something I can do on the fly and I kind of need to be evoked and to go into some sort of poetic trance. That’s not to say that rhyming is easy, it’s just something I’ve practiced more, like an instrument. I don’t like to compare my methods either. But lately I’ve been drawn more to the idea of writing rhyme poetry followed immediately by a non rhyme. And my style of writing I don’t find very easy because I don’t want things to sound repetitive, boring, or bland. I carefully craft words together, I’m perhaps terrible with structure and punctuation, or rather, I wish I were more efficient with it, but my poems generally tell a moral and follow some sort of writing order. I think my poetry is more like chaos theory, especially because all of it comes from a place of freestyle essentially and I give myself free reign. Thanks for your feedback! I have been trying to write more!

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  4. Intriguing. It never occurred to me that one or the other would involve something within. Rhyming poetry has always felt more difficult for me. I worry too much, perhaps, about choosing just the write words to ensure the rhyme while still trying to say something meaningful to me. Of course, my introduction to the finest rhyming poetry was Shakespeare, and I guess there has always been this voice in the back of my head warning, “Hey, if Shakespeare can do it, George, then you sure as hell cannot!” Every now and then I think I do okay with it, but most of the time, I feel better without. Laziness on my part, maybe. Anyway, thank you for this, for taking the time to explain this. Very interesting.

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  5. I try not to compare myself to the Great’s because I’m more of a modern poet but I do wish I had their skills. I like to think though I’m at least carrying on the tradition. And I give it my all. Welp.

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  6. Well said. I know I am only me. But there is value in the expression, in the effort to express me, even if only one or two hear. You have found a voice, a look, a way of expressing yourself that many hear and appreciate, Delia. Well done to you.

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