Well, maybe, with you
Every day is new
Like now, you appear as morning
Tomorrow, it will be dew

Facing the bright side, too
At new Moon
Right now, there may be darkness
But clearly there is blue

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Wow. You blow my mind.

I feel like all these moments need to be documented in scripture.

I need some lamb skin, I’ve got ink and a pen.

I feel it is my atoms popping into and out of existence and every three weeks bleeding out of me, painfully. My mind see’s eternity in you. And feels it too, puts my mind at ease. The ovaries too.

I love you.

I haven’t replaced my biology with big Pharma or plastic and I feel you through and through.

Your vibration like string theory.

Cuz it is real.

The multi-verse too.

Never once believed in the big bang theory.

The great pyramid scheme- TV, Consumerism, Money = slavery

Sorry- If there are multi-verses out there and it’s clear there’s other universes out there , I hope they’re doing a better job than we are, because we’ve been around for 6 billion years but somehow we’ve been manipulated to believe that we’ve only been around for 2000 years…

For what it’s worth- asteroid Apophis is real, and she is swing dancing with earth, she’s been here before!!!!

Saint Petey said “April 2-0-2-9 / the final time / the end my friend is not near / the hour in fact is quite here” and he named her Apophis (all end)

He regretted getting the Alpha and Omega tattoos tattooed on his hands one night when he was drunk but he had a bad ticker too.

My love, I love you

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