Who Are You?

Who are you
Why do I reach for the sky
The way a stem will reach for light
I am growing towards you
Tall and vivid
With petals stretched open wide

I am fields blooming
Over midnight showers
Infinite curiosity

I am Earth spinning
Reaching climaxes unknown
You push me through time

You wrap rope around my spirit and drag me forth
My hope tangled in knots

I can’t escape your will
Destiny has chosen to kneel

These are rust proof iron chains
I am engaged

Who are you?

Why does time cover me with your wound
I’ve been peering into doom
Could you make more room?

Trouble are clouds forming
The way I cling to doubt like static
Rumbling about erratic

Can you hear my thunder chasing you?
Little echoes of light flashing
A reason or two

Time is calling
It rings in rain shower
And sweet honeydew

Ripen fruits from Eden
I am your garden to sow
Holy and you know

Our love is a golden bridge
Over a rainbow
Over destiny we grow

Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Ahem. Sat down to write a non-rhyming freestyle – but slowly and surely – I felt Sagittarius A* tugging – and well – welp – it turned into rhyme.

I had stuffs to say. And galaxies form in weird shapes. I’m sick of rules.

It’s not even 6 a.m. and I’m writing about you.

I was just dreaming about you.

Before that, my every waking moment was you.

Which means, every fucking breath, has a bit of you.

We’re made from the same star stuff.


Who are you if not every breath I take?
Don’t let me die on the street

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