Winter Skies (Your Eyes)

I can’t convince me you’re not the same
Got a million questions by your name
Cousin malice never was my game
Though hovering a love I cannot explain

There is no other, to fall upon me like your winter skies, the way your presence freezes me in time

Frozen by your magnitude

Afraid that if I blink I will miss you

You are a gift from wonder

Delivered by heaven himself

Perched on the back of hope

Every dream I have is at your fingertips

That is why, I love you the most

You’d still find that first day if you were here
We fit better together at everything my dear

I don’t know how many times I opened up Pandora’s box
Shed my skin alot
Twisted and tormented are thought
I still peer inside that box

No identifying markings
Just a signal in my soul
Life outside the margins
Guess he makes me whole

This quarantine is aimless
So meet me in Vegas
Our love’s the greatest
So meet me in Vegas

What is truth?
Treasure at the bottom of an ocean
It doesn’t matter to you

He’s like the silver moon hanging low in the sky
So full but far
Attainable yet not by car

That low rumble
A deep growl from the pits of his wonder
Stretching time into a galaxy

Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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