Three Words

You are a shooting star
Wishes not to discard

You are an orchard
Where hope was recorded

Three words, three seeds
That’s where love proceeds

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal


I mean, the world is falling apart, but I still love you.

It’s ridic. Right? 🤔

God created this obsession FYI

And I actually know what a black hole feels like

I actually know what Sagittarius A* feels like

It’s possible that sometimes I am Sagittarius A*

When other girls are talking to you


But like I love this dude and the love has manifested to be real because he bought me pizza 👀


Uhm, so I haven’t lost all my ass or leg progress yet but I feel nowhere near like I’m ready to start fitness again and it’s really scary to be having these kind of heart problems at my age over a fucking vaccination.

If you’re still supporting me even though I am dying and venting on the daily, thank you.

I get called lazy for serving my country and I get called lazy for having an OnlyFans.

Jesus Christ left Mary Magdalene in charge of the gospel and they wiped her from the books and labeled her a whore.

Just like me!!!

They create poor conditions for you to live in and then condemn you for trying to survive.

They fucking condemn you if you try to die by suicide as well.

“No no no you’re not allowed to die like that, it’s a sin”!

Apparently it’s a sin if you lust after somebody else even though that is actually biology

And “a sin” if you try to die because you don’t want to live in this bullshit life

The only thing that is not a sin is giving them money

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of your money

I ain’t wrong


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  1. It did that weird thing again where it posted and actually published but immediately changed to a draft 👀 (a glitch in the Matrix)


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