Spirals (freestyle poetry)

Should I find you
Like a drunkard
Who stumbled on your dreams
Kicking color into grey
Marking cracks with hopscotch
I know you miss me much
Creeping slowly as vine
If only you had courage to age
The way you eat darkness like candy
Your grip as tight as mother earth
You curl with anticipation
So often forgetting why you came
Until my whisper approaches in sunbeam
And do two not make one
Half observed
We come undone
In spirals twisting and yearning
Your eyes turning me to clay
Soft putty where fingers slip
Hope has no chance of receding now
Odds in our favor
If only momentarily
So each breath meant rebirth
And all of heaven kneeling
But acid rained on reality
Now regret is ribcage
Break me in half
Free me from this hell
Don’t leave me in here

Sunrise feels like your eyes

I love you ☀️

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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