Perfect (freestyle poetry)

If things that excite me connect me to my purpose;
Is your love a circus?
Or why I surface?
Underneath, I’m nervous
Your lines are perfect

© Delia Ross. 2022/2015E (but technically, shouldn’t the year be 6615?. According to the Ethiopian calendar and before the Christians came along and tried to control time and put us all inside this nightmare matrix, the year is 6000 and something)

© Delia Ross. 6615E / @poeeternal

Did I ever tell you?

New shades from the Dollar $1.25 Tree (that’s like a 25% inflation not 7% I think and I suck at math and I’m closer to right than wrong)

You are connected to my purpose

And all my blooms are from the garden you planted and grew

I know you hate love me

The answer to life is, I’m closer to right than wrong… 🤪

I mean, I almost got it right 👀

*hangs upside down*

Helps. Need help moving. For reals.

Also, met a gigantic God-like bug from the dinosaur days a few minutes ago. 🤩

His colors were green and blue 🤩

Or her… probably a her…

You should call her me 🤪

You and God are the only ones I wouldn’t block although I probably do and have blocked God a time or two unknowingly and/or maybe cuz I’m screaming for help/drowning/ am pinching you or some other childish shit.

If you only answered the door… 🤪

I see you keep taking the offering I am leaving at your door

The steps are crumbling where I stumble and/or kick them

The door has a dent…

With drawings to form a smile

You’re still enjoying the homemade biscuits I see…

Probably the only food you get that isn’t poisoned

You suspect it should be

Sometimes hope it is?

Look at this beauty 🤩

Allowed me to get real close. Gonna put some footage on the TikTok. Got some other shots of the side too. Very blue pigment on the eye. It’s eye/ TV monitor was Gigantic and I apologized for putting my lights full on but thanked it for allowing me to film and say hello.

I would have a heart attack if a bug that big landed on me and I need to learn to connect with nature.

I believe animals are sentient creatures and also have life lessons. It’s our duty to be their brother and sister.

Do you get the same pigment blue? The green is pretty too.

Green gets overlooked by the Hollywood devil’s and minions

It’s still out there on my apartment wall…

I’m looking forward to moving where I can have a porch or balcony.

I think the visit from a dinosaur is a sign to relocate – a positive omen or affirmation

I’ve started using a new hashtag: you

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