Conditioning for AI! (an outcry)

The conditioning for human hybrid AI continues

And thus, after a few generations, it’ll be easier to accept that we’re virtual reality and turning us into a walking computer

Because we create our own reality

And you’ll be able to trace technology back to the Asian AI Gods, everyone will worship AI and be further separated from our true creator

A man does not bleed from his legs for a week every month in agony and emotional distress

He does not carry life inside his womb

Nor does he feed another life from the milk created from his breasts

Man has turned everything artificial in an attempt to play the almighty God creator

He’s insane

Wants what we’ve got

When asking a man why he’d like to experience being a woman, the answer is always “multiple orgasms” – it’s disgusting

I’m having difficulty living in any of these realities you force upon me

Men blame women for everything and all species are going extinct

In the name of AI

All hail AI

But so many are incapable of a personality or a soul

So they shame the free thinkers

They call sexually free women whores

Everything has been conditioning so that science can play morals and ethics and come along and say “we’ve got the cure” but they caused the disease 🦠

White people and Native American are being systematically terminated – and they use Black people against us – propaganda – when slavery started in Africa

The Bible is bad – the one that is mass circulated and taught – the one that has been re-written many times

When I was young, “how can they change time”

“How do they know the sun is that far”

Turns out everything has been a lie

And any time I got in the sun with “sun block” I burned – with gaslighting – never do put two and two together

I do not burn in the sun without sunblock 

The sun is good for you 👀

I also hated eating sugary products for breakfast, I would tell my mother that it made me sick

They also forced me to eat meat when I didn’t want to

“Chicken or beef” they’d say

“But I want the grilled cheese it’s cheaper too”

“Chicken or beef” they’d say

Fucking dictators

I hate this life

There’s no way I chose my family before coming here, there’s no way

It’s been torture

This life

And he condemns me for my food choices when he eats from a cardboard box

It’s unhealthy and those cows are definitely not being treated well – those junk food establishments – they have zero ethics and ensure the animals suffer

But he sits there eating from his box casting his stones

He thinks he’s reached Christ consciousness and he doesn’t even understand compassion for a dying person who should have the obligation and the right to choose how they want to fucking eat 👀

Also, notice how rich people always want things for cheap or free

Free rides, free rent, whatever they can get for free

As long as they don’t have to spend their money

But they will always act like it’s the end of the fucking world anytime something comes up for them and it always turns out that their options are really fucking good

The entire world is lost and I have to just watch the Titanic sink while people are playing music and rescuing gems on boats that could hold and save more people but ewww I would not share a table with her

“But weren’t you just fucking her”

Because men have been conditioned by the porn that they watch day in and day out over decades that women are sex objects only

We’re not entitled to an opinion

I have to bleed every fucking month, in pain, it’s fucking painful

Growing a baby inside you is painful

Birthing a baby is excruciating

Breastfeeding is challenging, painful for the first couple weeks, and not easy. The percentage of women who breastfeed at all is low – and now the establishment are saying that breastfeeding is unnatural and causes mistrust within the government


I’m sorry you hate your life and blame us for your existence but this abuse has to stop!!!!

Our society can heal if we turn off the television!!!!!

Stop listening to the bullshite!!!

Stop putting money on the tray at church!!!

Get to know your local community!

Grow and share food!!!!

We can thrive!!!!

I’m sorry you’ll be bored doing stuff we were born to do, get over it!!!!!

I’m sorry you’re not as handsome or charming to find love as others. It’s bullshite! Learn to be a human instead of a monster!!!!

They’re just jealous of things they can’t have so wanna keep others from having it!

Narcissism is a plague!!!!

I can’t stand the now we live in! I can’t stand the future!!

I’m trying not to die by my own hand in this hell!

You’re all insane!!!

You don’t live in reality

I don’t care about the double slit experiment! It’s conditioning for cloning – for human hybrid AI

You’re not a computer!

It will damage your real CPU!

Please wake up now!!!!! My soul is screaming from the ether!!!!!! I produce eggs!!!! I’m alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My God does not come from the Middle East!!!!!

I’m sick of hearing about China this and China that!!!!

Let us all live in peace!!

Black, brown, and white bear’s exists! Deal with it!!! We’re all special!!!! Your powers are being suppressed!!!

I don’t even know how to be a hunter/gatherer! I’d probably eat the wrong herb!

None of us are living up to our potential

Living through a monitor!!!!!

They’re making us sick intentionally!


One bad apple spoils the bunch

It’s lazy parenting if you let your child watch toxic TV and play video games constantly

I wouldn’t even want to teach my child what they are teaching them in school

They were teaching my child how to twerk on stage when she was 8

I pulled her from the lesson and the show, I was appalled

It’s just gonna keep going on, we aren’t punishing or removing the bad seeds, we’re birthing them

The criminals are on top

And quite frankly I’m tired of fighting, I’m ready to go live in the woods, I don’t need a government or a piece of paper to tell me that I’m allowed to grow food or to build shelter, or to use solar

I’m sick of the narcissism and dictatorship

I’m still detoxing and putting up the good fight

I’m on a new mission to learn how to control my crying and angry spells

Like, I need to go into automatic shut down mode if/when triggered

I am organic and real

I am capable of creating life

Many women have been programmed to remove their organs, their breasts, their ovaries, or popping birth control or having their tubes tied – which all causes premature aging – as well as all the “anti aging” products they buy – it ages you

The FDA has been compromised, the CDC, the WhiteHouse, we have more than a mole

I knew English before I was born, I understood language and energy and mood

I could hear my mom, my sister, my father scheming

I was depressed before I was born


She was a terrible mother and my father a monster

They’re both monsters, I came from monsters

Civilized monsters under the guise of Christianity

Image is so important to these monsters

But they don’t have a soul inside, they’re possessed by the Devil and they choose to be who they are

Half the amenities where I live do not work but the rent continues to go up and they continue to list these amenities as a incentive to rent/live here

“They won’t do anything about it”, the establishment’s motto

By law, we should be able to withhold our rent until they fix these things

I know I’m not the only one experiencing this where I live

It’s listed, the rent goes up, nothing gets fixed. The front gate, the exercise equipment, the carwash, the recycling, still listed, rent goes up, not working (and I’ve been here 5 years now and it’s still not fixed)

The establishment are greedy and lazy

I don’t want to fund their bullshite anymore

We need to boycott all the major big names and corporations

Celebrities and influencers are not worth worshiping

I’m going to continue fixing my credit so that I can play the game and buy a house if I don’t die before then (I’m begging and praying to God daily for protection vibes)

Man has made life so very depressing and agonizing that an invisible entity is better than he


I’m gonna be spending most of my time riding, instead of utilizing this crappy gym. The piece of equipment I wanted to use for booty gains, is still non-working after 5 years. I’m not ready to leg, arm, and bench press.

I want a cute, feminine figure. I don’t want big bulky looking man’s body like Britney Spears. She’s training with her dude and doing what he does and everything she wears is a selling point for the gays!! The gays!!!! What about me!!!! See me!!! It’s okay to be gay!!!! We love women!!!! *snickers evilly and stuffs tampons up ass for pleasure*

Religion and LGBT is a cult! Politics and Hollywood too! I said it, fight me!!!

P.S. China censors their people from the US. They’d be appalled if they knew… but maybe they do.

My American Chinese doctor was very interested in my detox, he wrote down specifically the Black Walnut Wormwood. The only thing he wrote down during the session. THE ONLY THING

He’s also sending a team out to me since I can’t get to them

He did not tell me to stop or reduce my detox

That’s an ancient remedy right there

I gotta stock up before the establishment poison it or change the formula

You’re right, I’m terrible with secrets and I can’t blame PayPal this time (tho we should sue)


P.S.S. I wholeheartedly believe I jumped into this timeline during that crazy storm, it struck my vehicle and one of the hands of lightning touched my elbow

I FELT THE BURN FOR DAYS – there was no physical burn




I spent days researching electrical discharges

It’s pure energy


They’re gonna have y’all believing you can go through portals at CERN. In given time, they’ll sacrifice you to the singularity and upload you into the METAVERSE.

I’m beyond sick at society and “entertainment”. They’re turning the Matrix into reality in the name of science!

Science is compliance!!!!

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