Here (poem & chatter)

He came
When I called your name
He appeared
When in the mirror
You were here

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

It’s all coming full circle now πŸ‘€

Having chest pains + a cup of coffee chocolate cream (vessel constrictor) (caffeine)

Apparently my blog is blowing up and it makes me scared when it blows up when I’m ranting about sensitive topics.

I love you no matter your color

But I’m casting demons back to hell

So ask yourself, are you behaving like a human or a demon?

You can’t even see your own reflection, can you? πŸ‘€

Is that why the narcissist stares at himself in that photo? I can’t remember the artist but you know the one. He’s pointing to himself.

Y’all I fell deeper in the rabbit hole

I swear John is down here with me and he’s been fixing my heart

I’m still detoxing every single day and today I managed a small bike ride – but the humidity makes it too hard on me

I’m dying and I can’t contend with the elements

I do really do believe all the weather manipulation going on in Dubai is fucking up the United States

That’s part of the rabbit hole but not the sinister stuff I’m meditating on pulling from the ether

He doesn’t want me to love you (or write you poems)

That’s not the rabbit hole either

I’m not discussing that now

That’ll be in another upcoming late night or early morning rant

If I could learn to segregate my blog from poetry/rants/photography that’d be great

And a contact form

One day I’ll have some spare pennies to make a new website happen

Have all my little ducks in a row

I think that’s the only reason I delete my rants is because I don’t want it to interfere with my poetry but I still need a place where I can express myself and have free speech and the Internet should include free speech

I’ve never denied I wasn’t EMO or dealing with suicidal tendencies and that I use my blog for therapeutic purposes

It’s just – my personality turns people off – they don’t see the writing ✍️

I’m grateful for the tribe I do have – and your patience with me in blogging

Cuz I suck at it

Like die naked on the street insane – kind of suck

I was dark and depressed when I came out of my mom’s evil womb

Her husband/my daddy was fucking me but she swears I am the devil




I’m trying to find compassion I’m trying to find compassion I’m trying to find compassion

“Why am I upside down”

“Why did you put me here…”


The things I think about doing to both of them πŸ‘€

Find yer zen babe

I gotta go

I gotta detox the Devil outta me

I love these!! 😍

I am so grateful for your visits and chatting with me!

I’m extremely grateful for your compassion towards me when I don’t have it myself

I’m learning to be more compassionate towards all things

It’s not normally immediate

I don’t know what I’m doing out here, that’s why I’m in therapy and practicing mindfulness

I know it takes a lot longer to dispel negative thoughts than it does positive ones and it takes a lot longer to recharge your body

The sun is great for recharging between sunrise and sunset

When I get the Jeep back up and running, I will be back on TikTok going live at the park and at the beach for the sunrise πŸ‘

But people are murdering each other in the streets here

I’m gonna start going live to read my poetry and stuff and I’m terrified to do it but since I’m terrified to leave my house and I’m trying to practice mindfulness and some of y’all have stated you miss me going live, I’m gonna try to do this

My gorgeous microphone from the XMAS holiday still has not been unpacked πŸ€ͺ

I definitely don’t look my best dying but I want to do my nails and my pigtails and maybe I’ll start off simple and just record a fucking video because I do have 10 minutes now to play around with…

The microphone will be unveiled soon!!!


poetry & free speech 🎀

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