Isolation (poetry) *trigger warning*


I’m in the isolation zone

Quarantined to hell below

Thought you couldn’t reach me though

There’s still climbing to go


Can’t you see where the dust divides

There’s too much distance between you and I

I’d rather commit suicide

Wave goodbye

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m okay. Crying a lot. Expected.

I’m safe. Here. Mostly. To an extinct.

A bridge is a walk away.

The Grand Finale awaits.

Will I even know?


It’s only hell because we’ve been in a 6000-year-old worldwide prison system based on that BOOK

And that same establishment continues to tweak its policies until you’ll believe they are the creator of you, with your OOOH AHHHH Fitbits

They use gaslighting, lovebombing, triangulation to control

With politicians, actors, influencers, teachers, preachers, cops

It’s disgusting

“But if you work hard you can own a home”

That was the Great Lie the Boomer generation sold

Then Ghosted an entire fucking generation after we’ve been the most dedicated, the most hard working, and ORIGINAL

And we watch all the younger generation’s steal our fucking content and give us no credit – and the Boomers reward them with free housing or financial assistance

The rest of us are out here winging it, living on the fucking streets, in our campers, eating one meal a day, so we can buy some fucking land before it’s too late…

Starting communities

I don’t want 5G or anywhere around it

It’s a cancer

Fuck this New Age digital world, I don’t want any part of this future

Where I don’t even have freedom of speech or my art protected

These men preyed and preyed and preyed sexually upon my best friend who died by suicide and she was 13

I’ll never recover

Her birthday was May 1

She died April 7, 1993 (just shy of her 14th birthday)

357 magnum to the head

Lost the last letter she wrote me

But there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and if I had pictures of her I wouldn’t have them stored away like everybody else who wants to forget her

And Miley Ray Cyrus sounds just like her but Miley Ray Cyrus wasn’t born but we did get to meet her dad together Billy Ray Cyrus so that was pretty fun


There’s a picture of them floating around somewhere, not online or anything

We met lots of bands together

Pre cellphone days

I can barely even prove that she existed, there’s just this hole in my gut

They preyed upon me too baby girl

This world is too much

You were so brave

Braver than me

I wish I had your courage to die

The Judge knew I was suicidal in 2018 and wouldn’t even talk to me until I took a few breaths

She said in front of the entire courtroom that I looked like I was about to jump from the bridge behind me

Also, I had a weapon upon arrival that I didn’t know – when trying to enter – and the cop repeated the question 3 times – I laughed – “wait, do I have one?” and I did. A little mini nail file thingy that I got in the mail by the Wounded Warrior project lol

So before I could even go into the courtroom I had to walk my little mini knife all the way back to my vehicle… and then return

And by the time I made it to the Judge – good lord the humility of being sued

By the end of the session we had the entire courtroom laughing, me and the Judge..

She directly explained to me how they could get my money tho… which is untouchable

Like if I wanted to buy a plane ticket right now and just fly somewhere, the government could be like oh no oh no you you fucking owe us some money come here bitch we’re going to take your plane flight

But it must suck for the men who want to prey on me and take my money because I can get married and divorced and they can’t touch it

You can’t touch what I earned but they can keep raising my rent and the food costs… FYI

The suicide rate continues to increase among military and Veterans

Somebody recently sent me 20 bucks and I bought me some medicinals πŸ‘

I know this isn’t my best work, I just woke up crying and I decided to put it into a poem so I just freestyle got this off my chest…

I’m okay πŸ‘πŸ‘

Saddest girl in the world (squared)

Side note: I’m making right with my creditors and it was only for a little bit. But they can’t directly dock my check.

They can keep raising the rent though huh

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