A Strong Rope (micropoetry)

The authoritarian left
I feel oppressed
Can we coalesce
Sleep? Fight? Protest?
I loved you best

Hit send

Is there a black hole
That you recommend?

Would you toss me in?


Please don’t place me
On your pedestal
It’s not that I’m unethical

Hell wears the skin
Of a gentle human
But I don’t know where I’m going

I don’t want to mix
Personal with fantasy
You only give 10 degrees

I mourn for worlds inside
The future
It’s not paradise
Chained to man’s device

It’s not a relationship
But a one street road
Concrete ceilings
And a heart that’s cold

His solitude is more comfortable
Porn is more preferable
Sin’s so fast he’s a convertible
Therefore love is terminal

Deleted him from contact
I guess there’s no looking back

Quench if it’s life or limb
Sentience equals prison

But don’t give in…

Stop functioning
With old programming
Unplug and finally see

Micro within the macro
Follow the arrow
Sin crossing shadow
You’re not the hero

He’s got angel wings as a hammock
I’m swinging from spaces between the heavens
It’s quite the dynamic

In the Age of Enlightenment
There is no excitement
In this Great Divide
There’s no where to hide

She was found in a drainage ditch
With the ignition switch

Some monsters have hidden doors and agendas
They have blackened out windows & tempers

I had gills
During development
I’m swimming still

I grew lungs
And a tail
That look reptilian –

That’s what it takes in hell

I live in a shadow realm
A third dimension
Where words he’ll mention
Won’t give me attention

I tapped into the ether
On the seashore of death
Tap dancing over heart attack
A virus or a creature
I need a preacher!

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

UGG. I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m not but I am.

Still detoxing. Still having chest pains. Still emo as fuck. Still up and down with my sister dying a few months ago. Try having your blood sister die while you’re in the middle of a fall out with your entire family so you will never find closure.

Men treat me like a sex object

I’ve never had a father/husband/brother figure

But I’ve had many proposals, “you’ll never have to work again…”

As if, cleaning and cooking isn’t work

Or raising a child, managing a household

As if taking care of a man isn’t a job

“Women got it easy”

And worse, if they think you are pretty, they think everything was handed to you on a silver platter, because beauty bias exists

Furthermore, men don’t want a friendship with me, they want sex. If they aren’t getting sex, they’re good as ghost.

“But I like you too much to be friends”

Can’t even have one male friend…


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