Flame (poetry)

I’m in descent
I’m candescent
I’m flame and hemp
Is love exempt?

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

The void 😩

Thank you so much for the sweet donation that I received over the weekend

I’m trying to center, I’m trying to find my calm in all this

Any activity causes my heart to hurt

Especially getting angry

I’m still sorting through the mental and financial collapse

Folks don’t realize I lost my entire retirement savings – and regular savings.

Years and years of retirement savings gone

So the immigrants could have my job

The cops here say, “it’s federal, nothing we can do”


Trust me, I’m well known as “red flagged” to the establishment

They know I’ve moved over into the homicidal territory

Armed and dangerous and you’re still not gonna take my right to buy a weapon or to hold one or to fire one

Do you remember when they tried to outlaw alcohol and that law completely failed – yeah try to do that with our guns China – go for it – try to do it, try to take our guns from us, try it, try to put it on paper that we can’t even buy a gun and see what happens, go for it – try it, I dare you! I triple fucking dare you!!

This whole fucking thing is going to collapse if they don’t get off my dick


Pro life tip: You should never tip before you are served


I hate these fucking policies

And do you know how much effort it is taking me to get my account and data deleted from the Chipotle app? It’s insane!

I’ll never download another app for anything

It should not be this hard to delete yourself from the web


Has anyone ever unscrambled it? Is it like an anagram for the Devil?

That book of lies

6000 years of gaslighting and dictatorship


I want to sell my TV and get a DUMB phone.

The problem is, if you get a home line, the only calls you will get are from politicians and the cops wanting money from you because it’s all a fucking scam. And you can’t opt out

Just like we can’t opt out our private home addresses from receiving spam mail for junk food and that is why the Amazon rainforest is being cut down

Immigration is a Trojan horse

When do we save Mother Earth and ourselves

Oh but you have your porn!!!!!!

Porn has rotted your heart and brain!

In other news, I got my printer set up in my master bedroom now. I guess dying makes it harder to manage a household. But whatev.

The black ink is out, but I got the new driver installed on my MacBook so that was a feat in itself. My laptop is aware of the printer and vice versa.

I also have plenty of professional paper to print on, once I sort out the black ink.

I’ve been pulling rare collectibles and other items I plan to list on the eBay – it’s like having an online garage sale.

I have some cool stuff that belong in the hands of someone who will use it. It’s extremely hard for me to part with, but I have bigger goals now tho.

Like being a land owner 👍

Learning how to grow & harvest food

I’m sick of advertising and TV!!!!

I rarely play games

I’m not into entertainment anymore

There’s too much propaganda and busy busy going on

I just want to chill

What the narcissist think is “boring”, is actually just peace

It’s serenity

They don’t want us anywhere near it

It’s poke prod poke prod tee hee I don’t have a fucking soul

“I was joking”

*rolls eyes

It ain’t the disabled vets causing all this disruption and corruption tho

I know y’all like to blame us and pick on us tho…

I also know white people are blamed for the worlds problems – propaganda 101

If u white, u hated for your skin

And then they force us to live next to one another, packing us in like cattle

Watching the slaughter unfold

The immigrants don’t even have to work hard at stealing our country…

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