Hell Responded (poetry)

I lost all my worth, but Jesus has loved the worst

The Moon
A dead star
God’s mirror
Of a big scar

The start and finish are harder than the middle
But I’m not with good with riddle
Games that cost so little
Will leave your soul so brittle

Faith can neither be created or destroyed
It must be born
Crippling sky torn
Heaven scorn

“Love is the anomaly” they wanna kill it all
Watch God fall
Satan’s protocol
Written on the wall

I’m judgment call
Duly sworn

It’s what we wanted
Hell responded
Regret is constant
Trust not an option
The cost of conscience
Into the sun a comet
Blame me I done it
But the sun won’t quit

I’m sincere in my insincerity
I’ve done stopped caring
Veins swollen from crying
Waiting on the greys from climbing

I’m not moving to Astoria
A town of euphoria

Urgent! Your plan is going to expire!
Like your book, it’s going in the fire!
It’s time to retire!

From sea to summit
Tell God I’ve done it?

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I made an experimental toasted coconut almond lemon cranberry pound cake – and I love cooking thangs God grows. Even melted 1 teaspoon of butter and squeezed an entire lemon over the butter – added zero sugar – and glazed the top of the loaf with the sugar-free lemon butter nom.

My life is a mess and I might soon be homeless but today there’s a lemon loaf God bless.

The shit at the deli / bakery is poisoned. And they are charging triple to murder you.

My loaf was made with love, 3 eggs, coconut milk and coconut oil. I tried to better it. Especially with unsweetened coconut flakes, cranberries, and whole almonds.

My entire kitchen is ripped out and boxed up. My lease is up in April. I’ve no idea what’s happening next.

This is why Edgar wound up on the street.

And, I’m selling everything I own.

Do you remember that scene in Made in Heaven?

Emmett (playing as himself as God)

“Because of you, I can only smoke on earth now…”

I am a troublemaker but do not want to fall to Satan (sidenote)

But the scene was on the road and Mikey looked like shit

And Emmit was scolding him still and calling him a drifter

Mikey got offended and puffing off away from said stranger accusing him of “only being able to smoke down here on earth” and “a drifter”

“Me… I’m drifting buddy…”

Emmit demanded, “where are you going” and with a puff of the wind knocked him down

Put his foot on him and told him he was running out of time to find her…

That entire scene of Mikey ripping off his cheap, fake jewelry and throwing his cup of beer in the mirror.


I’m also the girl crying in the street

Because time is running out…

3 responses to “Hell Responded (poetry)”

  1. Oh shit! I’m really sorry to hear you might be homeless soon. Did you think of starting a go fund me page? Maybe people might help or donate? X

    Liked by 2 people

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