Lie (poetry)

“I’m not good with goodbye”
I know why you lie
Your head in her smile
Making me immobile

It’s all-or-nothing thinking
Oh look, I’m sinking!
“Depression is treatable!”
Unless you’re unagreeable!

I must be some kind of fool
I’m stupid too

Sinner or saint
I crossed a line
I filed complaint
Near heavens gate

What if my only plan is to love you
Like a wild sea
I’m raging
For you to pursue

One, two
Passing out the card
On top
To discard

I’m letting go of floppy drives
Pulling from my back the knives

How do I reach you?
Through the fog?
No dialogue?
The sky is blue?

There are still parts of me a virgin
Like my love for you
And I fell in my youth

I sit behind no curtains
Maybe old burdens
Cold and cursing

These serpents
Feast on virgins
I want to hurt them

Still converting
God is learning

My spirit forms in verses
Satan’s not in service

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

So apparently, I’ve ran more people off again, and this time it’s because I was busy… 🙃

Busy having a midlife crisis


Dear Edgar,

We’re the same

With love from hell,

Your daughter!?!?

With Love From Hell (new book title idea but no idea has ever been my own and Google is broken)

Still fixing the mothership and vessels

48 hours ago was so intense

In the eye of the storm now

Gonna make upside down pineapple coconut cranberry cake today (with nuts and seeds)

Gonna eat it all….

I don’t know why I crawled deeper in the hole

It’s scary down here

No one could save me

STOP 🛑 ✋🛑 This section of the cave is not worth exploring. 2 people have required rescue.

Scratch that idea

Let’s close the cave for six months and make a new map without the dangerous location. That’ll keep em out.

6 months later…

John Jones crawling around with a headlamp from his childhood because even with strict entrance rules, the management was narcissistically terrible, and though quick to victim blame, twas managements fault. He got a promotion and award for killing Jones, FYI

“Why did you put me here?” John Jones (love you bro)

When there’s so much intensity followed by so much calm.

Make cake…

With coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flakes.


Just a box cake glorified

Whatever they did to the medicinal, it doesn’t work for me anymore.

Florida is trying to make it recreational

Which is good cuz I’m done paying the state every 7 months to enter a 🏥 building

Fucking criminals creating addicts while modifying and poisoning the goods – it ain’t natural anymore – or generationally grown. It’s lab designed and shit. Stripped everything good out of it. Waste of time and money. Money drain pit.

And if you live in Missouri, you have to pay the state extra money if you want to grow your own weed, because fuck this establishment

“Globalism will be great” they said. I wasn’t convinced in college. I was right.

Never do listen to myself

This will change

That’s the intention anyway

Over and out

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