Tendons (freestyle poetry)

I am boney tendons
I am without intention
I am deep in ascension
Got your attention?

Like comets missing
Circling new dimensions
I need intervention
Holy brigade of his suns

Shining light on this one
His favorite weapon
Energized confession
It’s called possession

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

Postscript (contains free speech) 🫣

Holyshit, the wave is picking back up now. I’m in the eye of the storm.

I’m that scene when Trinity leaps from the building and falls into fawn mode

“Get up Trinity, get up…”

She had Neo to live for. The great anomaly. Love.

They wouldn’t even give John Jones a second phone call and it was Thanksgiving.

The real life ain’t the movies (but they made one about him and changed the most important details to suit Hollywoods agenda).

Now John has a nickname in heaven but I don’t like it very much. “LJ”

He likes his nickname but I don’t

It was on my upside down pineapple coconut cake

An L and a J

“LJ” was here

LJ (squared) (John Jones)

And if you don’t get the L reference – NICKNAME (too fucking bad)

Ask John what the L means

He will tell you

Or read some articles

I read every statement he said dying down there

Stuff from official Utah sources

Comments during the time


Recently a shadow formed on my wall in an L shape with a man hanging

He loves his new nickname but is sensitive to the fact that I’m yet not…

I made cake and I like feeding the squirrels and John has a new nickname

One day I’m gonna visit the caves

“LJ lives here”

It’s not even funny

It broke me

And I was dying of heart inflammation

He imprinted on me

His spirit

I want to cut Michael’s dick off

I want to do very bad things…

I bake experimental cakes instead

And the weed don’t work!

My meds stopped working!

“Get up Trinity, get up”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am getting a new blog soon

This one can just exist as an archive of major fuckup disasters

New pen, new identity

New deck of cards

I did it for love. I don’t know what God has in store for me

I hope it’s not dying on the street

The good news:

I don’t actually have to jump from a bridge

I can buy a gun


(Which is better than hanging yourself with a belt in your hotel room like Chris Cornell and Michael Hutchence)


I was so upset when I learned Michael died of suicide when I was 10.


Did I tell you that John has been saving my life

I should not have got vaccine number two after vaccine one caused me heart issues

I’ll never get another flu shot or vaccine again

How much do you love your job to push your agenda?

I’m a Soldier, going down in battle sounds better than this bullshit of self-sabotage or “committed”

I probably failed my review board as I feared even mentioning being homicidal – although it’s the reason they ask all vets at the VA now

“Are you feeling suicidal or homicidal today”

It was always just suicidal until I was saying, “oh I’m feeling more homicidal these days“

And I graduated to group therapy but there’s holes in my walls

“I fantasize about dying”

“It’s not a field day out here”

But it will be if the cops show up for me

(If I die here, nobody will know I didn’t want to…)

Although I’ve been blogging pretty heavily about it

“I hate it here as much as John Jones hates that cave”

LJ bless

Love you bro…

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