Separated (poetry)

Separated by billions of light-years / this love

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

I’m using line breaks now. Am I a better poet?

I do crave the sound and clack and annoyance of an old typewriter.

I’m not going to put a filter on my poetry like Boeing put one on to tell the plane it can fly

Up down, up down, up down 18 times before it took a nosedive into the deep blue sea

The President: “you’ll need to rebrand”

GMO: “we’re Bioengineered Ingredients now”

The FDA: “we don’t want to tell you what’s on the labels” / NATURAL FLAVOR in EVERYTHING

(It was mad in a lab)

And now companies act like Coca Cola using “secret formulas”

It says it’s good for me so it must be true

(They’ll believe anything)


The sounds of my ribs breaking across the ocean as I leap from a bridge / has got to be better than the noises my BLACK LIVES MATTER neighbors love to make

Marriage / or go Hulk / take out the city block

Okay, I get the idea / but isn’t my context good enough

Did you know an acre cost about $2k grand?

If I started the paperwork, I could buy around 7 acres tomorrow

I’m only begging God for 1-5

Did you know I’ve already started collecting seeds?

Special seeds. For our garden.


I dreamed the birds came to me

Fuck you.

Go enjoy your prostitutes

I should never be included in “a list” (top or not)

I already fell for you / asshole.

You destroyed my wings

You stripped me! Without consent!

If you don’t give me my mini garden the world will end

I know it’s what you what


And I’m gonna be crawling for John Jones / you better get over it

The world doesn’t revolve around YOU

Others need my special love – my light / it’s fading

My signal soon gone

My last will and testament is to die in peace

Man is only concerned with AI and “man’s best friend” and his own inventions

Destroying the world White lives & Native American first – well there’s been other resets

6th mass extinction currently – all with malicious intent “we create our own reality” / we destroyed Mars

Now we’re off to “save it” only we can’t leave earth

Van Allan Belt

NASA says “they made worse”

I need to train for cold weather grow some thangs

I’d rather gut myself with my bayonet / than to let him see me in real time / at my worse

(no filter in the real world) “weathered” (one of them that shouldn’t be in the sun / fuck you)

Tell him / I need more time

(God too please)

5 responses to “Separated (poetry)”

  1. Putting a plant in a bucket is like putting a fish in a bowl.

    I’m probably being dramatic. The place could use some plants. I could learn to not kill things (potentially).

    Liked by 1 person

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