Attic (poetry)

I have gluten free parts / unless you count my farts.

I run my visitors off / like a cap I’m twisting off / Kiss them with scoff /but first to read their blog.

Sweet kiss of oblivion – heart like obsidian.

I gave him my love / still he / tossed it in the mire / made me walk on fire / like I’m some liar.

Why would he love a dead red sea / is that what I’m becoming / is there good in me?

Left behind
But forced to go on
Through the grime
Delete my life
Rearrange the pie
Crunch time

He’s interested in the context
Not the poetry but my point next
He gets into the prospect
What makes me sad
What I detest
He’s like a mirror what I reflect

I woke up with money, and I mean a lot;
Unless you think ten grand is not.

In the far recesses of your heart, moving forward and backward feel the same

If you’re gonna reset the deck
Don’t write the check
Force your hand instead
Erase the bet
Need savings to your neck

Call of the wild
Throw a dart
I’ll drive there

God recalled
Every little sin
One of God’s flaws

Find me in the attic
Uncovering mirrors
Acting erratic
Unlike the flickers
They seem more static
Visions are clearer

I’m usually not wrong with my calculations unless it’s math
Then I have to ask

I don’t know what hate is / I’m only torn by love

Heads up: A lender reported that the status of your account is now current. Drifting but determined. Maybe we’re learning. But watch for what is coming…

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

FOR THE RECORD: I hate my online etiquette but I’m at odds to change it.

It’s me not you…

P.S. I’ve yelled at my body to “grow up” so much in the mirror but alas I’m this tiny fucking thang.

No man has ever made me feel like a woman either.

So fuck you.

But please stay.

I wish he’d remove my clothing – instead of my wings.

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