Regret (poem)

I regret crawling into that cave
Claw marks where I engrave
Rage like a heatwave
Headlamp won’t light the way
I rest here today

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

I don’t want wifi anymo

It’s got to go

More seeds for the dream yard

They are non GMO so I don’t have to burn them

Also scored a free book (limited supply) from the library

Unfortunately, despite NASA being a great joke, The Martian is still a favorite film (minus the gay hollywood music)

I don’t know what I’m allowed to have in life, or keep

Like why am I hoarding seeds and dreams?

And can things grow at Yellowstone? (Pro)

Will I accidentally boil myself in a hotspring? (Con)

Land near Yellowstone is cheap (pro)

But it’s also near a volcano (con) (unless maybe you’re suicidal!?!) (tbd)

Cheap land comes at a cost huh

So does visiting your old url

Fuck you

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