Bonds come in many forms / the way the sun warms / love arriving in thunderstorms / ghosting has become the norms \

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TMI below – be warned

I put my 30% towards my 20% so I’m definitely not doing it right but the “government” stole half my retirement savings during my disassociation through the pandemic and now I’m seeking alternative means to “save” in such ways where I don’t have such “easy access” such as a regular savings (which also got depleted, and the jeep wants every penny cuz she don’t have a trustworthy mechanic in this town) – so the rent and electric was paid – and I looked into gym membership prices (they keep adding on fees) and I doubt anyone cleans that sweaty equipment and folks can’t stop touching their privates, I’m fine working out from home in my extra bedroom that I don’t know what to do with (fortunate even in the slums) – not to mention – the new carpet was hard fought and won and I wound up securing a baby EE at that historic rate – and I will be nearly 65 when it doubles in value. Being suicidal homicidal and giving the government my money is fun!!!

They already stole half of my retirement but it’s still drawing interest and I refuse to move it to any other zones (unless to withdraw) (with penalty) (fuck you)

They stole half my moneyzzz and have the audacity to want to charge me 30% to get it all.

Again, fuck you.

Not to mention the state gave me an addiction and I don’t want them getting my 30%. Nor the gym, the terrible service at the fast food shops, nor the clothing retailers selling highly flammable polyester clothing (extremely hard to extinguish) (I can’t even find small cotton panties at Victoria’s Secret – who are stealing from their customers with their high interest rates)

Jesus wore a cotton robe because it didn’t cause cancer

Furthermore, they are putting cancer causing and hormonal disrupters in the tampons and hygiene pads – and tho I’m still ovulating, I cry that the vaccine made me sterile

The thought that man stole my life and generations – and they have – because my grandmother had 12 children and I’ve never been married and the divorce rate is over 85%

Men hate women

Men want love with prostitutes (according to the latest studies)

If you don’t let me have my acre of land – far away from civilization – there will be dire consequences and no remorse

Now, I already have a baby I bond but part of me desperately wanted to hook an EE too – especially knowing it is a fixed rate

It’s weird saving for a future you don’t believe will exist or that you will have

But what is worse, giving all my money to the medicinal shop when I don’t wanna

Me: “we’re supposed to have 30% to play with”

Also me: “yeah well fuck you. You have new carpet, roll around and wallow…”

My apartment got new carpet!

I need plants growing. Big beautiful greenery. I like gym equipment that doesn’t require electricity. Upgrading the rebounder potentially. I want a white noise machine. And a big timer or stopwatch for the wall – one that doesn’t require electricity (is that possible)

Maybe even a large wall calendar to track my rebounding – instead of the regular calendar from the library that I’m currently using

A calendar without advertising – and just the dates/times

The old bookshelf will have plants growing – eventually – instead of the items currently on it

I got rid of all my storage – I donated my couch and dresser, basically kept my “seating” stools and benches of sorts – donated the bed!

I am not spending money on furniture, no.

This is not home. This is a curse.

Lots of people lost their lives and homes during the Great Invasion, I nearly lost mine, I’m having nightmares

The new carpet improved my mental health

They wanted $15 dollars for a fucking cotton mop – not even a wood handle – fuck you

I kept the receipt in case it breaks during “elbow grease” and I will try not to turn into the Incredible Hulk if it does.

Cinderella was on her knees for a reason. She didn’t want to chase her tail in a circle buying snake oil from the demons at the supermarket.

“Here’s your crappy product back” – I wasted gas/time/energy while you gut America. Fuck you

And now my therapist is censoring topics discussed during group therapy. Laughs

Fucking grateful for the new carpet tho

I think carpet should be abolished

But grateful that I can invite God to step on my floor

I could answer the door if he knocked

It’s doubtful I would answer, there’s too much shame

I’m coming off my period and I wanted to have a family so badly

I remind myself women go until 50 (until I check the census and read articles about how we’re having less – but they are having more)

I’m going extinct like the dinosaur

Also, Britain is now at 60% – so they too are the minority, having lost power and position, and many of us are ready to fight back for what we had

Hear, hear

Some say karma

But I am both Native American and white and I want what is mine

I read Mexican’s and Chinese identify as “white”

Oh yeah

Bleaching yer skin eh

I might go blonde soon myself

Want to look my absolute best while ghosting every man

And hope they cross my shadow so I can defend my right to exist

Still – men are illegally filming my ass when I’m out and about – disturbingly

Men will follow me and chase me to my car

No means no

Also, because my lightsource is incredibly scarce and rich, these demons show themselves immediately everywhere

They all wanna blow my house down

God dammnit how am I supposed to quit weed?

Me: pays bills then dumps every cent into propoganda


But I have access to the other thing too easily and the jeep wants it

I’m speaking to someone as if he understands what I’m saying

He thinks me being autistic is like a crime (I thought he wanted hillbilly babies)

Anyhoo, it just means I’m an oracle

I’m angelic

I’m different

Than them

“I see dead people” (and talk to them)

Googly eyes

I am less sick these days but still sick

So the quarantine remains (even for God)

(No you can’t come in)

(I don’t want you to see me this way)

(Stop looking)

(That’s still looking)

I get the entire weekend to ponder my existence

I’d like to write more

People are starting to get “automatic comments” on WordPress for business proposals. WordPress sold out and this should be illegal.

I desperately want somewhere to reach you, I’m losing ground.

“This offer is automatically generated”. Just remember that as you dump money into WP.

Automation should be a crime

AI is the enemy

Asian Americans identity as “Chinese American and honor Chinese culture only”

They come here and destroy our way of life

These nihilists, they are destroying anything God made, and creating “manmade artificial in place” – to own you

To destroy it all

Think they are Gods

They destroyed the dinosaurs

They probably destroyed Mars

All them cracks on the moon, probably bombs

Those 500 whales dead on the beach, BOMBS

7 responses to “Bonds”

  1. That’s a nice mirror, I don’t have many, there is a vanity in the room I am in right now at my families house, I am staying there while I recover. I haven’t broken it yet, small steps…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t have anyone to help me while I recover and despite having a college degree – I was homeless for several months in 2017 thanks to the government furloughs and shutdowns

    Don’t worry, the devil got me too


  3. The mirrors were the 5% of furniture that survived my great undoing/ reset and need to be hung.

    I can’t even get my curtains hung, I was kicked from the bird nest


  4. Overall, I think I was homeless, maybe 5 years of my addict life, that is what got me clean and sober, I got tired of dealing with people looting my campsites.


  5. I don’t know how to hang curtains, to the dismay of my neighbors. I am stuck at my parents because I drank and used my retirement money. I am 35. I should not have been retiring anyway.


  6. I’m tired of the government looting my retirement and savings and jacking up the cost of living – I still don’t own a home and am forced to rent in the shitty racist expensive slums

    Thanks mom


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