Some updates

I dunno how I feel about “going live” again – but I probably will start sharing my fitness journey over on Instagram – and if I’m not too shy – will do some casual lives on the TikTok as well

I’m only looking to connect and be “social”, I’m not chasing the algorithm dragon for likes or paying META $15 monthly to be “verified”. Like, I would have paid that ONE TIME – but I’m not spending money to be seen.

I just want to be

I’m getting my fitness room in order and both mystery plants now have green growing (they’re in the window being bashed around by the blinds – wakey wakey)

Yoga & stretching set

Mystery plant 1

Mystery plant 2

Please note that I’m going through some sort of phase where I want to be natural – no makeup, no filters, no fancy dress, no fuss.

I am trying to fix my health, my finances, my diet, my mood, my self-esteem, and last thing I need to worry about is putting on makeup to go live or post when I’m cooking or working out.

It’s just not me.

I don’t want to have to worry about posting 4 times a day (or daily) either

And, I want to answer my inbox when I’m ready and am devoting days to be “social” so that my mood isn’t down and depressed

Furthermore, 95% of my furniture and household is gone.

I’m starting over but also want to be able to jump ship – when God allows

Right now, the enemy has us in a stronghold

Barricaded behind policy

I don’t have the latest XYZ to garner your attention

But I will share fitness tips and how I’m surviving the apocalypse

And thank you to those who have taken interest in seeing me go live again, whether to share the weather or my latest complaint

I took a long detox from social media and have been trying to find myself

I mean, I know I’m lost in purgatory/hell and am paying for my sins in this timeline

And wasted pretty much all of my life

I’m learning to be still

To stretch


Exist in harmony with nature

I guess I took the winter hibernating

I’m trying not to climb in my coffin or a hole I can’t climb out of

I thought, how dumb was I to lose half my retirement – but then all of GEN X did –

It did help my depression to a degree (make it worse)

But it wasn’t because I was stupid

We were gutted essentially

Anyhoo, I’m a little seedling

And 4/19 is the last day my medicinal card is any good – and I blocked the doctor both via text and email

Now they’re putting less product in and calling it “head space” (and charging more)

They treat the medical shops like they are recreational

Anyway, I’m trying to get clean

It’s like the devil is coming at me

I don’t have fancy things, but what remains is what I like

I would like to follow you back – and interact – as and when I’m capable

I’m more like a turtle on social media – instead of that blazing fast coyote always getting into trouble

I mourned my social media accounts because I thought I had deleted, deleted them.

I did not.

They are there, for now.

I am #poeeternal on both accounts. My TikTok hashtag has over 20k views alone.

I’m not ready to give up my pseudonym / pen name.

I’m more present these days. More aware.

Thank you for being there.

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