Like why Bob (insensitive content below)

Like why were you walking around there at 2:30 at night?

Sources claim you moved via the crime (you helped create) – but yet returned for work – yet was trolling the streets – assumingely – without a weapon – and was stabbed twice with a kitchen knife – and all you can think to do is cling to your Android – you helped create – and chase after cars – instead of sitting down – stopping the bleeding – at least not putting MORE strain on your heart – but no – you just had to keep getting up and walking around

Like bro

You didn’t call your fam?

If John Jones could squirm in his grave, he would.

Clutching that AI device like it was God

Called the cops – didn’t say where you were or keep the on?

Just hmmm where is everybody at bleeding out?

Let me guess, it went like this

“Hi, I’m Bob, the Cash App founder, I’ve been stabbed. I’m bleeding.” *lifts shirt*

And so the cars drive off

It’s a typical after midnight don’t get involved in scenario – you must have missed the memo?

It’s literally the worse-case-scenario and you walked right in – despite knowing how dangerous California is – which is why you moved to Florida – so you could finish turning it to shit

I know you are “in the closet gay” – I have seen these types of relationships in the military – and billionaires don’t fuck fat wives (maybe out of obligation)

Looking at family photos – zero chemistry – but maybe I’m a kunt

I didn’t stab you with a kitchen knife – twice mind you – at 2:30 am

You didn’t even fight back dressed in fashionable apocalyptic wear?

You had the best and most expensive device – cops still took a slow 6 minutes arriving – despite TWO cops in the area

Bro – I’m researching who I’ve been buying my state weed from – turns out it’s the Russians – surprise!

Anything to quit this nightmare

I knew Cash App and PayPal was going down – like bro – I deleted my accounts – not long ago – and now you’re dead

I saw the red flags

America is under siege and you were bleeding out and going into shock – you might still be here – if you had sat down –

This goes without saying but women no longer can walk in broad daylight without being in danger

“It’s a man’s world” and look what you turned it into

I would have drove away too

My first thought, “safety first” and those circumstances do not scream safe – maybe you would have had more of a chance of getting said help – if you were a nobody

If it was a hit job – which would be an instant thought of “cash” “stabbed” – who would want to get involved and become a victim too? It’s the one thing our Boomer parents warned us about. “Don’t go wandering the streets after sundown”. It was our one curfew. “Be home before dark” and even then we crossed the lines. “Boy you were cutting it close” / “there’s still some pink in the sky”

The Mayor or whoever of Cali is edging us on, “you’ll be surprised” she says “at the details”

Somewhere between Bob dying, another someone got beat with a bat, and the FED launched their version of a Cash App

And Big Cannabis is Big Russia who is changing and gutting our policies

I’m ready to get rid of my phone all together

I mean, Bob helped create Android and Apple share videos on how your phone can save your life – but maybe people need classes on how and when to use it – in an emergency – because Bob was a poster board of all the things Not-To-Do

Bob separated from his wife to move in with his father – how gay (no judgement)

A billionaire living at home with daddy

Not impressed

I watched God push you down

You just kept going

Even dying, wouldn’t drop your phone

“In AI we trust”

God gave me eyes to see but not a mouth of silk

“I got a mouth of filth”

I’d really like some milk

So another Gen X white male is gone

We’re not allowed to have anything

Yeah you got that nice big house in misery (potentially) but you also got gutted in taxes and I would’ve hung myself with 10 foot rope (which means it was probably a failed suicide where I broke some bones instead)

Wait. What.

(I’m talking to a GenX who may or may not be a genx and is mostly a ghost in my head)

Your dad claims you were his best friend, but he didn’t teach you not to walk the streets at night!?! Unarmed!?!

You could afford to hire a bodyguard?

Have a gun?

Unless the killer wasn’t some random bum or hitman – but instead someone close – who could stab you in the left side of your chest – with a kitchen knife

Was it the same one from dinner?

I’ve been reading how lots of murders happen when people are dining or in the shower – by “loved ones”

Also – in bed – sleeping



No soul

Which makes therapy and treatment useless – for those who can’t change – and should be shot like a bear

And I’m tired of bear getting shot over you

Bear angry

Bear justified

I don’t believe in cultural diversification

I guess Bob didn’t get the memo

Here’s the thing, it will be so easy to take out the civilians we swore to protect – in the end – weaklings – but the enemy is using them against us

That couple got gutted in the street last year

And now poor Bob, with a kitchen knife, in Cali

Ironic he thought Florida was any safer

But then moved out of Cali for it being unsafe – but goes back for a business trip – to wander around the streets after dark –

Elon probably does have security when/if he leaves his Pedo farm

Elon pointed out something in his tweet tho – per chance hinting it was a criminal – someone with a prior arrest sheet – who offed Bob

So you had that phone the whole time and the cops were the only one you called? While dying? Clinging to your phone?

And John didn’t get a second phone call on Thanksgiving

Which was his dying wish

I wouldn’t take my dog out at 2:30 am on the 4th cuz I said “some shit is going down”, “I can feel it in the air”

I guess what I meant was the ether…

“He was my best friend”

My mom said the same thing about my sister, who recently died age 45

Strange, these Boomers are losing their first borns – almost biblical

(Was Bob a first born?)

Diversification is very very bad

Especially when it means other races are being wiped out

Hi. I’m part of the 244.

Anger is a legit mood when someone dies.

It’s part of the 7 stages of grief – interchangeably

I can stay angry for the rest of my life

“Take me from all this death”

She was chasing the Singularity

“I love you too much, to condemn you”

Wiki has already been updated and you’re not cold in your grave

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