10 things I hate about you

You live on a flat plane on a flat disc
You act like you are worthless
You live without questioning risk
You won’t give me an inch

You run with a circus
Like hell you will surface
Bringing light to purpose
Curled up like a serpent

For this I’m certain
Or simply hoarding
What you’re averting
I know you’re lurking!

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

The VA have made a decision on my behalf.”

Makeover part 2 coming soon

Should I get it tattooed on me? Lucky 13?

I need a baptism in a hot spring first (one I don’t accidentally boil in)

I swear once I wash my face, I will look fresher.

Florida has brain eating amoebas and kids and adults are getting wiped out, playing in the splash parks and doing sinus washes and reports from politicians in the press say drinking tap water is just fine, just don’t “wash your face with tap water” “in the shower or the sink” and I thought the splash parks and baths was my last safe haven (the devil be finding me everywhere)

(That’s why Jesus was always with him)

(Restraining orders don’t work)

(He’s obsessed with me)

And I have Savior complex potentially (see poem)

Demons will gaslight you and say “God isn’t real” cuz they are expert faith destroyers

But God made me an explorer…

“Only 13%”

Well, I do always seem to wiggle myself in the tightest places and I’m afraid of tiny dark holes

Riddle me this

I was pushed off a 50 foot bridge at 15 during sunset weighing some 110 pounds – at one point during the fall I forgot what was happening – I sank deep and fast – how far?

How far down was the initial plunge? Cuz I was dropping fast and thought “wonder how long I’ll keep falling” “maybe better go up for air” and started to kick my legs (I felt a shift) and was watching the tiny bit of light thinking “it’s so far” “I’m not going to make it”

And there was no preparing to take a breath before I was pushed

There was no “breathing” during the fall

Must have fell 10 or 15 seconds? What about in water? Another fucking 5 or 10?

Of falling – not ascend

That took another X amount of time to surface

So I dunno how I survived

I swam the Tennessee/ Mississippi more than once?

Without a float?

“I think I can make it”

I swam in a quarry!?!?

I don’t know if I’m alive?

In 2018, I was inside a lightning storm strike – 80 miles an hour – all windows down – arm out – a band of heat light touched me

How am I alive and the car!?!?

I looked in all my mirrors – the entire Jeep lit up all over

It was thousands of arms of lightning

Was it 2018?

What am I?

Why is everything electrical?

The sun is not 93 million miles away and I knew this at age 5

“It’s right there”

“How do we know”

“You shone a light on a wall”

“Why did we change time”

“Who is in charge of what is being taught at school”

“You can’t make me believe that”

“Well then give me a C”

“I will see myself to the Principal office”

*argues with the professors about globalism and inflation*

*barely passes math with a tutor*


In hindsight, I know things before they happen

My first and only time at a dog race, I predicted which dog would win, but no one would place a bet on him, or let me, and I didn’t want to be there

Afterwords they wanted my opinion but I wasn’t interested in tapping into my psyche

I knew the space shuttle was going to blow right before it blew

“They’re going after Soldiers who want 100 in ptsd”

Me: “oh yeah”

“I’d like to see them try”

*panics for several months*

*yells at self for crawling into hole*

“We were fine living in the slums”

“It’s better than being homeless”

“We were gutted”

“What the fuck did we do to get here”

*gifts can come with curses*

*gets rid of 95% of everything I own*

And you can keep the jewelry, it’s fake

It really wasn’t the thought that mattered anymore

If the thought mattered, it would be in alignment with my values

*yells at some stranger on the road acting like God* I’m drifting buddy!?!?


Because it’s all I ever do is cry (like in the movie – God literally tells him I’ll be depressed if he ghosts me)

So I’m crying in the streets broad-day and some dude with a sign is telling me “I’m gonna die of a good time down here”

But I don’t know how to grow a plant or be in the same room as a person

And they did not lock me up (thank God)

(Can I file for state and double dip? Yes I can)

(Can I still work and make $$$$) (probably but I’ve not called and confirmed)

(Do I want to be on zoom calls or looking at a monitor all day or talking to people or solving problems or doing maths)

Fuck you

I have thought about other jobs like selling popcorn but everyone be coughing

Me: “why the fuck did you cough in my direction bro”

“Them fighting sounds”

“Why you standing so effin close to me”

Like bros be filming my ass while I’m grocery shopping or getting my ride fixed

I’m gonna kick someone’s fucking phone accidentally and get gutted like Bob

I’m not getting gutted like Bob

I’m going weapon shopping

Trinity mode

I’m hearing all of France is protesting BR

I want to sleep on a bed of weapons

Safety first

Did you know I’m good at using weapons and thangs?

I got the good Army training!!!!

Circa 2001 🙂

I actually married my country on valentines day 🙂

I swore to defend this country on my heart and honor 🙂

I stupidly gave them my dna 🙂

They took hair, signatures, blood

What are they doing to me?

Why do I feel two places at once?

Why do I know things?

Why do I have to get your permission about how I interpret your art?

2 responses to “10 things I hate about you”

  1. I am freaking terrified!
    I haven’t washed my face in weeks lol

    I’m afraid if a tiny drop of water splashes near my nose

    I’m surprised I’m not doing dry baths and dry shampoo

    Before long, we will need to sanitize before entering residence

    I’m already no shoes in house but maintenance don’t comply

    Gonna put up a sign

    “NO SHOES. DIRT ALLERGY” “Quarantined”. “Bring food”


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