King of Sorrows

His divine right of suffering
King of the weepings
Destroyer of the weaklings
Master of your feelings
Mirrors on the ceilings
Where doubts keep repeating
And devils roam these evenings
Angels bow for healings
Desperate for his feedings
Mercy stops the bleeding
Will follow where he’s fleeting
His darkness as a greeting
Doom is where he’s leading
Every day keeps repeating
Nothing stops the needing
Where love is now receding
Where I’ve lost my meaning
He’ll never stop my dreaming
An enemy to your pleading
Your crime for ever seeking
The secrets he ain’t leaking
His patience nearly peaking
His angel never speaking
Whatever keeps him grieving
He gives what he’s receiving
Though neither want for leaving

© Delia Ross. 2019

On a whim, had to go freestyle, so many feels…and therapeutic. ✌️

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