The crest on my chest
It means faithfulness
Loyalty cannot be bought
But it is hard fought

I loved you whole didn’t I
So why the blood no matter how I try
I am stuck at your crossroads
In pieces and fragmented shadows

Over and over I go over this lesson
But no answers tell where the pain will lessen
Just as I’m stable you throw another grenade
I’ve been wounded in ways you can’t hurt with a blade

Lost may you be but I love you the same
Hate is your hand but love is my aim
Stuck in quicksand and on a frozen route
Clouds of confusion but still love you devout

© Delia Ross. 2019

I suppose it’s more than a name, more than a code of honor, more than a tattoo…

Loyalty and faithfulness, it doesn’t really mean anything this day and age…
I live in the minority… (but Faith is my middle name)
There was a time long ago when a name meant something…
Loyalty is about as rare as my smile…
How many more stones are you going to toss at me?
Dead again…

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