These sharks go into frenzy
With my patience running thin
Predators come to surface
From places made of sin

These waters are infested
And there’s more that’s creeping in
These lessons make me nervous
I have a right to shed my skin

© Delia Ross. 2020

I wish I could express my sexuality how I wanted, without the flood of sexual harassment that swarms in.

I wish I could dress how I wanted, without the flood of sexual harassment that comes in.

I wish I could go to the beach or the club, without the fear of being raped or having unwanted hands grab my body.

I wish I could dress sexy and go out and not be catcalled.

I wish dudes wouldn’t send me a play-by-play of how they’re masturbating.

I wish dudes wouldn’t ask me for nudes.

I wish I could express my sexuality without being reduced to simply a sex object.

Eh, but I guess I “asked for it”…

42 thoughts on “Skin

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  1. And I’ve never once flirted with any of these guys or lead them on or ever had any sexual discussions at all. Some are strangers, ex co-workers, men who are married, like fucking ridic control your fucking dick jesus. I didn’t bother to respond or report, I just fucking deleted because it was so fucking toxic… like gross, DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW.

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  2. My blog is public anyone has access to it. And yes, it’s been four different people, a stranger, an ex-coworker, an acquaintance and some other dipshit I can’t recall. I just didn’t respond to the stuff, I deleted it right away.

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  3. I do a fair amount of flirting, but I’m careful not to cross the line. I think that some men do have an issue restraining themselves when it comes to online correspondence. It’s truly an unfortunate epidemic.

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  4. Such a strange way of starting a conversation! I will post about such things in a humorous manner, but I never reach out to talk to someone and that’s the first thing we talk about it. To that end, no unsolicited nude photos, either. I think that can shock people.

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  5. I don’t mind flirting I’m a huge flirter, I’m a fire sign and I’m a leo. I am a very sexual creature and I can tolerate a lot even lines being crossed. But that’s not what these dudes did. It was tripple XXX. No fourplay. All shock and bang. It hurt going in… 😃😃😃😃😃

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  6. Like, I’m not a prude. But some of these dudes go to xXx and respond like I’m a sex worker right away… I mean these are the type of hot and heavy conversations you have with a lover, you know what I mean?

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  7. Some of the comments were under my Instagram and the dude was a stranger so I sent him a p.m. explaining to him why it was inappropriate but he continued to leave comments so I had to delete the comments and restrict his account, the others were private messages I received under my Facebook and in no way had I ever flirted with any of these dudes. And again this wasn’t casual flirting, this was straight up XXX stuff. But none of them think I’m worth a dollar a month. One even thought he’d get nudes at that price. GET IN THE FUCKING SEA.

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  8. I have a different dynamic on my blog. I’ve had women ask for things, or describe what they want right in the comment section. However, I really do think that it’s tongue in cheek.

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  9. I understand it was a little bit risque sharing a tiny bit of my skin, and for the most part people were respectful to me about it. Some of it was just very shocking. I’ll put my big panties on next time.


  10. That’s unfortunate. People need to respect boundaries regardless if there is something risque in the post. I can’t imagine leaving a shocking comment on someone’s blog. That’s wrong.

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  11. Err yeah. And he continued to do it after I sent him a message asking him not to. That is sexual harassment. But I didn’t report him, like I said, I just restricted his account…

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  12. And when I explained to another that my Patreon was for my writing, he replied, “so nothing down there” ugggg it was kind of disheartening and this is the one who thought he would get nudes, full on nudes for a dollar… 👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕

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  13. New world. Men forget. Woman are people. Cell phones and computers make people think less of us. You should be able to dress, like you want. Good to feel sexy. Just learn self defense and carry a 45. Then no-one would bother you.

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  14. 9 millimeter. A good gun. I carry for 15 years in the Army. I taught the use of the 9 millimeter to the officers for 10 years. Need strong focus and a strong hand dear Delia to handle her.


  15. This is a good thing. Soldiers must know their weapons. I am off to sleep dear Poet. I work the night shift. Have some fun and be careful dear Delia. I liked your verbal poetry. I listen to a few and I added to my favorite, the site. I will listen after work.

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  16. Sadly, but hopefully things are changing. Man has the potential to be so much more than what they are, driven by insatiable lust, it’s an addiction like anything else and their addictions are hurting others. Selfish.

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