Cold in every manner
Lost faith in ones who matter
Still praying every hour
Too many tongues that spit and chatter

Her words hit like a bomb
I was no longer calm
There was blood on my palm
And I knew where the rage was coming from

Pray that every tear turns to a curse
Hide the devil here inside this verse
If he has a fear I’ll find what works
Thought he was a monster but he’s worse

© Delia Ross. 2020

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5 thoughts on “Rage

Add yours

  1. Push his limits if you will. Maybe think about something that makes you really angry and then try to have that emotion while you’re writing. I was angry when I wrote this lol

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  2. I wrote the yesterday chapters. Sadness, lost my father yesterday. I used his image in chapter eight dear Delia. Us, who love to write. Keep people alive with our words..


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