Tell me, how many do you love?
Is it one, is it two, or maybe 12 from above?
Tell me, who do you spend your time thinking of?
Is it Sue, is it Penny, do I ever occur?
Tell me, am I ever her?
Is there anything about me that might make you stir?

© Delia Ross. 2020

He digs any gal with panties around their ankles. Which isn’t me. No, I’m not worth noticing at all because I’M NOT NAKED or age 13. He also needs a constant supply of “yes” people. He doesn’t live in reality. He’s delusional. And his entire life is literally centered around his cock. Every move. How will his cock get off? That’s it, that’s all he’s good for. Cumming. And not one baby… He’s basically the scum of the universe and I’m moving into the “I hate him” phase. Hey, this is HIS BED, NOT MINE. He can run and hide under another blog but he needs a spaceship to the nearest black hole. GET IN THE SEA NOW, TAKE ALL YOUR BROWN NOSES WITH YOU.

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