First Place

Cheer up y'all, I love writing rhyme. But good girls always come last. 😎


The longing now just feels like a sickness


He loves me not


People change but nothing changes

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready


To whom does his words belong

Angels Among Us

Micropoem + angelic digiart


I just want him to know I'm drowning


When everything hurts...


Freestyle rhyme about mistakes and those who dwell amongst them


Addicted to love

300 Days

Sailing through heartache

River of Blood

Regrets are heavy

The Way Forward

The way forward is forgiveness not revenge


Place a temple where the love is waning




After midnight freestyle


Letting this love sink with the lies

Regarding Love

Let's be real, you don't know love in any manner, you don't even love yourself.


I don't understand any of it


Pain times infinity

Heartbreak Hotel

He was the best and worst thing to enter my life, like a flash flood destroying all the good but making room for growth.

I Still Remember

Words are forever and so is love


I got out of my coffin, kinda...

Seeds of Descent

Bleeding in rhyme and real time


Y'all remember that scene in Dracula where Mina was begging for forgiveness for loving a monster? Yeps me...

Red Wine And Regrets

Thanksgiving slightly drunken freestyle


Titles are deceiving

Red Flags

They stoned the messenger and still flock to him like flies on shit...


She tried to warn them but they never listen; quick to cast a stone but not on the wrong...

Love You Forever

He's so far away now *sobs uncontrollably*

Dumb to Dumber

There's nothing left to feed on

Home 2.0

His madness has driven me mad




Depressed micropoetry

Likes and Comments

Don't just hit like, read!

My Dawn Is Gone (A real story)

A very personal poem + stories + photos of my best friend who died by suicide *possible trigger warnings*


If ignorance is bliss I wouldn't know it


One day maybe he'll learn to care for the girls who come around, instead of raping their hearts. Vikings protect, he forgot his role.


Let it go...

Hello, Excuse Me

Hello excuse me, uhhh sir, no don't go *sigh* (Are we doing digital lovers yet? Plug me in)


Here a dick, there a dick, everywhere a dick dick


He does everything he can to avoid me but now the feeling is mutual

Third Eye

Please see me

Mount Everest

"I love you the best, better than all the rest..."


I don't have anything because I don't have you

Back Where We Started

One more thing...


Potentially, the greatest question I've ever asked. A 10 word poem.

Rest of Me

Finish what you started...


Micropoem number 16,000 on unrequited love


A deeply sorrowful poem + commentary (with hyperlinks to nerdy stuff I've done)


I see him, I hear him, I feel him like no other.

Unrequited Love on Tuners

Do and don't of love on Tuners, listen free now


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)


Take me with you please for there is no life if you are gone.

Dead Anyway

All woe is me post halloween


He left me high and dry

Perfect Form

"Gimme that cold shoulder like “brrr” I make a snow cone with it, sir" - Alexander Ebert

Bad Feathers

Pulling a feather is like feeling a leather whip across my back. I falter. I repent. I love.

Stones of Regret

His absence is too loud, too painful.

Words Like Bullets

Words fire like bullets

Winter Blues

Tis the season


Cast not the first stone... (super late night freestyle remorse/regret)


Is there anyone real out there?


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...


Nothing is real. I cannot feel.

The Trouble With Forever

Commitment issues are his running shoes


If only I could stop loving you...

Mirage 2.0

I love being just a number to the artist who inspire me....


I put up with alot of bullshite

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone


Pesky numbers


The end of times is upon us and I'm over the bullshit

Seeds of Love

Love starts with ourself but also with each other. We love with the same intensity that we make war. Let's plant more love.


The problem with being a fallen angel is sometimes you bite when you don't mean to. Sometimes we cast the wrong spell & summon the wrong demons inside us. (The truth is, I never want to hurt him. I just want to love him the way I was intended to love him).


I need him


There it was, labeled to me - I, the addresseeTrying on lovers because revenge tasted sweetlyInserting the blade ever so neatly -Ensuring the heart was severed completely Burning through dreams like an oil field in the night Running out of fuel and the zest for a life Looking back but never having any foresight Dancing … Continue reading Karma

The Best Things In Life Aren’t Free

A poem about narcissism and regrets. Emotional slavery.

My Son Part 2: The Note Beneath His Pillow

WARNING: The following story contains explicit gore, imagery, & death. It is intended for an older audience. Though it is not age restricted, caution should be taken when reading, as it may cause triggers in some due to the sensitive context and subject matter. Proceed with caution.

When It Ends

When it ends there's not going to be time for goodbyes


And there upon my epitaph shall say, "died in the womb", for life never existed and the heart was a broken tomb. © Delia Ross. 2019


The shore rises And as our dreams do Hopes are washed away inside us Awards instead of gifts as prizes Pills wrapped in silk disguises With this wave a bit of residue Likely he'll never get your point of view I'm sorry if I ever troubled you Give love a chance the universe advices We … Continue reading RESIDUE

Chasing Ghosts

We've been lost on the same road Making circles back again We've been chasing all the ghost Who will destroy us in the end Along the way we have passed Pretending each were a friend How long can we last Avoiding roads full of sin What test do we pass Where does the road to … Continue reading Chasing Ghosts