His love is suffocating
Like radiation decaying
He blasts it over me
It’s uncomforting

His love is like an ocean drying
But he’s not my reason for crying
He’s not even the mountain I’m climbing
Or ever wind for wings flying

His love is like a toxic spill
Leaking down a hill
Heading for the kill
A place I’d never heal

© Delia Ross. 2020

Ahem, y’all ever have someone you don’t know, just randomly claim they love you? There’s a guy I never had one conversation with message me to tell me he was completely in love with me. In hindsight, I wonder if I’m reaping what I sow. Does the guy I claim I’m in love with think of me the way I think of this guy? I hope not. Him and I, at least had some conversations together, I always enjoyed his spoken word and he even did some spoken word for me once so I know what he looks like. I know why I love him. I know why he makes my blood boil and my heart beat. I know why my soul is connected to his like a tether. I know why he makes me completely black with jealousy. I know why I long for him and cry for him. I know. But this other guy who loves me, I don’t know at all. Anything. Maybe I do. Read the poem.

I iz confused. Goddess of Confusion.

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