Words Are Arrows

Your words have sharp edges
The tips are poison
They pierce my skin like butter
How easy they hit my heart
You the Trojan Horse
And your army of lies
I dance for them like a buffoon
Their laughter drowns my cries
But still my head is to the moon
I stare at wonder
I remember hope
It once was a playground
I ran around with naivety
They mock what they can’t control
I am still free
Going places with the stars
They can’t touch me
Words are arrows yes
But feet are healing
Truth my blanket
Saturn knows and her rings
Cracks upon my frozen face
She knows
That’s why her northern poles glow
She’s crying, longing and cold
But even wrongs need embraces
And that’s why light-seconds existed
Galaxies out there granting wishes
I know more than you know

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

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18 thoughts on “Words Are Arrows

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  1. If you read more than one poem you’d know! πŸ€— There’s one posted above this poem called Vines, it is rhyme. I’ve recently started dabbling in non-rhyme as well because I give my voice free reign. I write everything from micropoetry to epic tragedies (in rhyme). Stick around. Read more. Rhyme is rare these days but there’s plenty on my blog, I specialize in rhyme. Thank you for stopping by! 😎


  2. Chill….I’m just messin with you. Read my stuff and I’ll read your stuff, otherwise I don’t like poetry very much.

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  3. I’ve only recently started writing non-rhyme and I really like it. But rhyme is my first love and so I’ll always specialize in rhyming because I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. But now I give my voice free reign to spill ink how it feels.

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