The Love That Won’t Die

My love –
If words thee fail, you have two skies
Please don’t let them close
But should sleep forever cover your eyes
Please leave me your prose

Walk slowly towards me please
My heart exceeds light speeds
When you are nearing infinity

Your lips come in seasons
All at once
Each syllable attached to luminance
So much it haunts
And dare I reason
What each word wants?

I’m glad you are talking
Like watching stars walking
Stretching to infinity like they are something
The twinkle in my eye you were hoping
You’re the reason I am coping
Your every moment I keep groping

She was an angel and he was a demon
But he wanted her more than he wanted heaven

I want your breath as my nectar
Dripping and sapping
My tongue a collector
Your favorite protector

You turn my knees to oceans
My pleas to motions
Sometimes so intense the notions
I reach out in explosions
Like SUPERNOVA the dosage

But it’s not enough I need more doses
You plow through me like a dozer
But it’s not enough, I need another!!
So set the clock for more exposure!

You turn me into a beast
On your words I prey and feast
Stay away or keep me leashed
Say a prayer then call a priest
Saw your face and pulse increased
Heard your voice then pain decreased
I love you most just not the least

My love, my horns have been blaring
Double-daring, over-caring
Our love I’m never sharing
It won’t stop the world from staring

My love we are tethered to fate
With a circle eight

We are the universe experiencing itself in poetic form
I wasn’t alive until our love was born

My love, what will you do when the winds carry me to lands out of reach?

My spirit gliding past your dreams and hopes per chance for a final kiss?

What will hold your heart against the crush?

Don’t let it bury you, the rush.

Don’t let my love fade from your veins, for I will be resting between each beat.

Lifetimes of sleep.

You silence the war in my head.

Don’t fall dead.

I am still under your feet.

Even when I’m not there.

And the stars up there you see, you and me.

Do not let time callous our love.

Nor fear.

My love, I am still here.

Mistakes come plenty.

You are still the very best of me.


Taste me in the air, on your tongue, everywhere.

I care.

Let my dust blow in the wind.

I’m still under your skin.

Touch me.

Death cannot erase me.

I must travel with the stars.


My love traveled 13 billion years to reach you.

Look how far.

Distance is but a scar.

My love, put the ache in a story and read it softly.

Speak aloud.

Let your vibrations break the cloud.

I am listening and I am proud.

My love, cry into our garden if you must.

I will be collecting your tears from heaven.

My eyes upon you and angels times seven.

Do not doubt.

The rains too will flood the sky.

It’s not goodbye.

That’ll never exist for you and I.

Oh hi, hello. It’s just me underneath all the digital editing. Fear nots! 🙂

© Delia Ross. 2020

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